The Other Potter: Book One

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Not everyone knows that Draco Malfoy has a sister; not everyone knows that Lucius Malfoy had a daughter; not everyone knows of the constant abuse she received. Apparently Albus Dumbledore knows though, so she’s brought to Hogwarts. Follow Willow Malfoy as she struggles to find her way as a small girl in a big school. Will she make it through the year? Well, duh, because there are six books following this. BOOK TWO is here:
1.) DOBBBYYYYYY *sobs*
                                    2.) Couldn't she have just given Dobby a piece of whatever she's wearing? If she is considered a Malfoy then if she presented him with an article of clothing, he would be free.
                                    3.) DOBBYYYYYYYY *sobs*
Yes because using an unforgivable curse on your child means that they'll protect you
Judging by the title, she's not a part of the malfoy family.
I just keep re -reading this series again and again, it's so bloody amazing!! ♡
this is my first time reading it. my older sister has been begging me to read it amd i finally am!
 #rereader for like the second or third time! I recommended the series to my friend and now I want to reread it.