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Love Doesn't Lie (A Dramione Love Story)

Love Doesn't Lie (A Dramione Love Story)

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MissDaisyCrown By MissDaisyCrown Completed

The Wizarding War had been won and professor McGonagall had filled the position of Headmistress of Hogwarts. Draco's father, Lucius Malfoy, had been send to Azkaban for all the things he had done and both Narcissa and Draco were lucky enough not to go with him, they got a second chance, under strict rules, from the Ministry for Magic. Harry and Ginny were still together and their relationship was better than ever. Hermione and Ron were still together as well, but the war had started to make Hermione think. Workers of the Ministry for Magic had been send out to find Hermione's parents and when they had found them in Australia, they had brought them to the Ministry where they undid Hermione's memory-erase  spell on them. Hermione had gone back home to be with her parents, Harry had gone with Ginny and Ron back to the Weasley's home and Draco Malfoy had returned to the cold and dark Malfoy Manor with his mother.

This is one of my first books, therefore it's not the best of all, to read my better work you can check my newer/recent dramione fanfics, if you still want to read on I hope you'll enjoy the story! :) (for more information on this and the details you can read the first A/N of this story :) )

Best rated: #115 in fanfiction

ariannafdavis ariannafdavis Sep 24, 2016
Dutch? That's so cool! I'm sure it will be awesome. Thanks for taking the time to write this! :)
LmdeGreef LmdeGreef Jul 27, 2016
I am Dutch too and I know the struggles... So Probably I don't recognised most of the mistakes (this is probably one😂😂😂)
MillanSall MillanSall Feb 11
Really? I never knew! 😂😂👌. Glad you actually wrote this though, most people wouldn't.
Amythist0097 Amythist0097 May 28, 2016
It takes so mich time to learn asecond langiage and on top of that to wrote a book in said language learned. Congratz on your deyermination and i applaud you for your perserveramce! Good job! :-)
angelinamustamu angelinamustamu Aug 14, 2016
Well...if this makes you feel better, your English is pretty good for a second language...but writing is a whole new level. So, I'm just gonna start reading this book! 😃💞
Love1d204 Love1d204 Feb 10, 2016
im excited to read this because like 5 ppl have told me to read it