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My Alpha mate rejected me now he will regret it

My Alpha mate rejected me now he will regret it

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Kaitynn Ramos By kaitlynnramos Updated Jul 19, 2016

Kaitlynn Taylor is a shy girl, who everyone believes is ugly . One day while walking into school she smells the most delicious scent ever . "Mate , mate , go to mate , I want mate " her wolf skylar says . She follows her wolfs command and it leads her to her mate  , Aiden Alexander , the schools bad boy , with one simple smirk can make any girls knees buckle and heart race , Aiden . He sees her and she does the only thing that she can think of RUN . With him hot on her tail she turn the school hallway corner only to be grabbed by the waist immediately feeling the sparks . " where do you think you going MATE " he say while smirking and emphasizing the mate part . She feels a lump form in her throat  "no where" she replies in a whisper. " are you going to reject me " she ask her voice barely over a whisper . "Yes" he says in a matter of fact

Ltcaine1 Ltcaine1 Jun 09, 2016
I'm so glad that She went to Her Mothers House and had her give Her a Makeover! She'll make Him feel like 1" tall! 😄 😄
avst_07 avst_07 May 16, 2016
I love this she's just like it will be just a bit harder that's it though
Ltcaine1 Ltcaine1 Jun 09, 2016
To bad the Fool had to Reject Her but soon He'll regret doing it! 😄 😄
darkskies2142 darkskies2142 Aug 04, 2014
amazing when you can update next an alien is so going to regret his bad ass stupid mother f****** decision
marianacc marianacc Aug 04, 2014
Loving itttttt. So excited for that ass to see her!!! It's gonna be amazballs