F the rules!

F the rules!

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Oh dear lord save me By Ideatronic Updated Nov 09

Hey! I adopted this beautiful story from @Hermitcrab420 (I hope I Said that right) although it will be a bit different I'll keep the baselines!
Midoriya Izuku didn't have a very good reputation, home, or life in general. The quirk he got wasn't really meant for one specific thing although some say it was.

Didn't end up what I thought it would be, but a summary would ruin the surprises ;P

I suck at summaries
There are some trigger warnings that I can't mention without spoiling it unlike a mystery ring pop's ingredient list. So be careful for that.

(Update: I'm trying a new style because the writing was cringe, so please bare with me!)

On Hiatus (wattpad and I have an on and off relationship...)