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Laughing Jack x reader .:This is our Adventure:.

Laughing Jack x reader .:This is our Adventure:.

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Mekachi By nerdy_luv_ Completed

where are you going? 
he asked

to my new home, come on teleport before we're gone! 
you said worried 

i cant your too far!! 
he yelled in your thoughts

well get closer!
you yelled to him

i c-cant! 
he said tears forming in yours and his eyes

please jack! 
you mentally screamed

promise you'll never forget me (Y/N)! 
he said, in case you left him

I promise, i promise!! 
you said crying the smallest tears

promise you'll come back for me! 
he said you could tell he was crying

i promise! 
you cried as you left the neighborhood leaving jack standing in the middle of the road, crying

"And i wont forget you either" he said aloud teleporting back to his circus


one year passes, and you forgot your promise.

Emma_and_Alex Emma_and_Alex Aug 31, 2016
I cant believe this! DAMMIT THE FEELS!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢
A_Child_Universe A_Child_Universe Sep 09, 2016
Cold, sociopathic, malicious, but kind towards children (but kills them ties their soul to the same tree her older sister was buried under so that she can be with them.)
A_Child_Universe A_Child_Universe Sep 09, 2016
Wears a black corset dress, black stockings, and a human skin belt
AwkwardScientists AwkwardScientists Nov 22, 2016
i.,,, I've been reading all these comments and i honestly cannot believe how many people *Still* comment on this rip in peace this is a terrible story :')
mefwamage68 mefwamage68 Dec 20, 2016
She kills any one who is mean to her or someone to her friends her frase is dark aw light here comes eternal night
mefwamage68 mefwamage68 Dec 20, 2016
Very kind but she dosent talk a lot
                              She is well trained but is suicidal