Laughing Jack x reader .:This is our Adventure:.

Laughing Jack x reader .:This is our Adventure:.

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Mekachi By nerdy_luv_ Completed

where are you going? 
he asked

to my new home, come on teleport before we're gone! 
you said worried 

i cant your too far!! 
he yelled in your thoughts

well get closer!
you yelled to him

i c-cant! 
he said tears forming in yours and his eyes

please jack! 
you mentally screamed

promise you'll never forget me (Y/N)! 
he said, in case you left him

I promise, i promise!! 
you said crying the smallest tears

promise you'll come back for me! 
he said you could tell he was crying

i promise! 
you cried as you left the neighborhood leaving jack standing in the middle of the road, crying

"And i wont forget you either" he said aloud teleporting back to his circus


one year passes, and you forgot your promise.

I cant believe this! DAMMIT THE FEELS!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢
i.,,, I've been reading all these comments and i honestly cannot believe how many people *Still* comment on this rip in peace this is a terrible story :')
I was reading what this is about and it said please jack and I fangirled because that is somewhat a reference of Titani and I love that movie!
Umm a scavenger hunt is when you have clues so you basically need to figure out a riddle and then you have to find the items
laneyPRgurl laneyPRgurl May 23
What if Patrick Swayze never died? Sorry that was dumb continue
                              I am nerdy_luv_,  i cant get onto my account, haha, this is my newer account and I'll be continueing the story on this account!!!! 
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