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Daiha Smith has everything, or, so it seems. Her dad received a promotion, and with that promotion, her family seemed to gain everything. But Daiha lost a lot in the process. Her parents are never home anymore, her sister cares more about her friends than her family, and Daiha has yet to escape the cruel remarks, evil stares, and just the mean girls at school. It seems to her that nobody cares about her anymore... Will somebody notice the self harm, the anorexia, before its too late?

WARNING: triggers throughout the novel

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Poetry : #1 [ 7 . 12 . 16 ]
disclaimer: I do not own any pictures (including the cover art), videos, or lyrics (on cover) used in the story and do not claim them as my own work. credit goes to the rightful owners.

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_MeltingSnowflakes_ _MeltingSnowflakes_ Jul 16, 2016
I wanted to punch Alice so bad 😂 And there was a girl at my school called Alice and she was horrible
rolyatrose rolyatrose Jul 15, 2016
I felt this all to much during middle school and high school.
rolyatrose rolyatrose Jul 15, 2016
I like how it has a storyline. You don't normally get that from poetry. It's normally difficult to accomplish.
4everdauntless6 4everdauntless6 Dec 21, 2016
"A new place, a new name..I can be remade here" Tris in Divergent anyone?? No...just me...okay then..... *hides in a dark corner*😳😳😳😳😊
_MeltingSnowflakes_ _MeltingSnowflakes_ Jul 16, 2016
The weird thing for me is that having an iPad is part of the school curriculum 😂😂😂
- - Aug 14, 2016
Tнιѕ тoтally goт мe нooĸed. Goттa read ѕoмe мore!!