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I'm attempting to drive

the truck down the road,


I can't really see much,

and the roads are extremely slick.

Not to mention the fact

that the rain is pounding so hard

that the windshield wipers

can't really keep up.

But I'm driving anyways,

in hopes that I'm going in the right direction.

Because if I'm not,

then driving out

into the streets

was pointless.


I spot the cellar,

and I felt as though I could cry with happiness.

But then,

I notice

Delilah is crying.

"What's wrong?!"

I shout

over the pounding of the rain.

"I wasn't really crying

because Presley broke up with me,

although that was part of it."

She sobs,

and I just wait

for her to tell me

why in the world

she was so upset

that she would run out into a hurricane

and get us into this mess

in the first place.

"I was crying


Presley was using me

to make my friend jealous.

I was crying,

because my friends hate me.

I was crying,

because they got me drunk

last night,

and videoed me.

They posted it on youtube,

and n- now..."

She couldn't finish her sentence

because just then,

the cellar doors burst open

and out came Shane,

his head wildly looking around

until he saw us.


I cried,

relief flooding my systems.

He was okay...

I couldn't help myself.

I was so worried about him.

But the worry came back,

because I still didn't know

about Ingrid,

or much to my dismay,

my parents.

"Come on,


we can talk about this

once we get into the cellar.

I promise."

I say,

climbing out of the car.

She follows suit,


and shivering.

As soon as her feet touch the ground,

she takes off running

towards Shane,

and the cellar doors.

I run after her,

watching as she hurriedly makes her way down the steps.

I'm glad that she makes it.

When I reach Shane,

my knees buckle

because it's like the weight of the world

has finally caught up with me,

and I can't hold it up anymore,

I can't be strong for Delilah,

or anyone,


He catches me in his arms,

sobs wracking my body.

I look at him,

suddenly remembering the card in my pocket,

and it's like my sorrowful cries

have turned into

those of happy ones.

He's real...

He saved me.



Thank you...

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