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The wind was howling like crazy

As I ran after Delilah.

I couldn't even hear myself anymore

Because the wind was too loud.

The waves crashing onto the beach

Were larger than I'd ever seen,

And I started getting really worried.

Delilah was heading

In the direction of the park,

Which was really stupid

Because the trees could crush us

If they fell,

Which they probably would.

When we reached the park,

I was only a few paces behind Delilah.

When I finally caught up with her,

I grabbed her shoulder

And whipped her around.


I shouted over the wind

I didn't bother giving her a sympathetic look

Because I knew sympathetic looks

Were the worst.

She shook uncontrollably under my hand,

Sobs wracking her body,

Tears streaking down her face.

"Presley broke up with me..."

She cried,

Her chin trembling.

I shivered,

My heart breaking for her.

She must've felt horrible,

If it wasn't already obvious.

A crack of lightning

Flashed across the sky,

And I looked up,

Fear starting to creep up my spine.

"We have to get out of the storm!"

I tried to tell her,

But it was lost in the wind.

I pursed my lips,

Suddenly determined to get us out of there.

I yanked her hand,

Remembering the underground cellar

That was in the middle of town.

A refuge for everyone.

But of course

Because Delilah wasn't thinking straight,

She tried to pull herself away from me.

That's when the rain started to pour.

"What are you doing?!"

I screamed at her

Because I figured that was the only way

She would hear me.

"I don't want to go to the cellar!

Presley will be there."

I don't think she understood

The danger of our situation.

"Do you want to get us both killed!?"

I continued to try and pull her

My grip tightening

As the torrent of rain

Pounded on our backs.

She finally relented,

Letting me yank her

Towards town.

I squinted,

Unable to see anything.


a gust of wind

Dragged us down the street,

Too strong for us to stand our ground.

Fear clogged my throat,

Tears sliding down my cheeks.

How were we supposed to survive this?

We were in the middle of a hurricane!

If there's a God out there

I certainly hope

He saves us.

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