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Shane was in the middle of climbing down the cellar steps

When a sudden gust of wind

Dragged me away from the cellar doors.

I screamed,


My feet

Made no purchase in the pavement,

And I couldn't stop myself

From being dragged down the street.

Shane yelled something,

But I couldn't hear what he said.

He was too far away.

My heart was pounding a million miles a second.

What was I going to do?

I was shivering from head to toe

As I frantically reached out to grab something,

Only to lose my balance

And fall onto the pavement.

I hit my head on the ground

And I had to fight back the blackness

From taking over my consciousness.

I was still being swept down the street,

But there wasn't anything I could do.

My arms were scraped

And cut up from the roads,

My vision was blurry,

My back was bleeding,

And my right ankle

Really hurt.

But then I remembered the verse,

And how God was there.

He had to save me.

I had to trust that He would.

God was going to save me...


* * *

I felt sand

Burn my back,

And suddenly,

Waves were crashing over my face,

And I was sputtering

And gasping for breath.

I had been dragged to the beach.

I tried to get up,

But my body was shaking,

And the waves kept pushing me

Back down onto the sand.



Save me!

I can't do this on my own.

I need you!


* * *

As I was fighting the waves,

My mind completely turned

And I was suddenly thinking

Of when I was little,

With my parents

At the beach.

I was attempting

A sand castle

With one of those buckets

That make the shape

Of a tower,

Even though it wasn't working,

And it kept falling apart.


Was just a toddler then,

So she was just sitting on her rump

Giggling her face off

At the crabs as they scurried past,

And the seagulls swooping

A bit too close for comfort.

I remember

How I'd been staring at the water

So longingly,

Like I belonged there.

I kept begging to go in,

Only my parents would say it was too dangerous,

And that I could drown.

I didn't care,

And snuck away

Into the water

When they weren't looking.


I didn't know how to swim,

And I wasn't expecting

The waves to be so strong.

The ocean had pulled me down in a second,

And I didn't know how to swim up.

So I didn't.

A random mother

Ended up pulling me out of the water,

Thinking I was her own kid.


My parents didn't know what to do;

Either be angry or happy

With me.

So they did both.

But now,

As I'm trying to pull myself up,

I feel like I'm four again,

In that position,

Only with no parents

Or a random woman

To save me.

I hope

God can get me out of this mess.



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