Sparks (Camp Nano - July 2014) (completed)

Sparks (Camp Nano - July 2014) (completed)

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"So... how do you like your coffee?" I ask, reaching for the cupboard to get a mug for him. "I can make a mocha, a cappuccino, a latte, a double shot, a triple shot--"

"I don't drink coffee," he replies, looking at my coffee with distaste. "Caffeine makes people obnoxious, and it tastes nasty anyway." 

"Are you serious?" I ask, trying to fathom how someone couldn't like coffee, at least some type of it. "How can you not at least like a half shot with creamer and whipped cream and sugar and caramel?"

"Like I said," he says, taking a glass from the cupboard and pouring his orange juice into it from the fridge, "it makes people obnoxious and loud. It's annoying. If I need something to wake me up, I have some simple carbohydrates and then complex ones to give me a long energy boost without a crash."

I just stand there for a second, trying to understand what he said. I give up after a while of thinking, trying to fathom how someone would rather have juice and toast instead of a triple-shot espresso with caramel creamer or an iced macchiato or at least just a plain old cup of coffee in the morning. 

It's gonna be a long summer.


Jess has always loved sparklers. Heck, she's always loved everything about summer. Well, she did, at least -- until she met Gavin, anyway. She's fire, but he's the cold bucket of water that puts it out. She's loud and spontaneous, but he's constantly trying to get her to shut up and do something quiet.

The worst part about this whole set up? They're spending the entire summer at the same cabin with both of their families, who have now decided that the two of them should be best friends. Meanwhile, Jess' older brother and Gavin's older sister are getting cozy, and the entire family is pushing for them to be together, making it worse yet.

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