Falling FOR Grace. (A Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

Falling FOR Grace. (A Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

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My flat's balcony was 10 stories high, and above the highway. 

I ran over to the ledge and climbed over he rail. My hands holding on the the rail, and my heels holding onto the ledge. 

"Whoa! Love!? What are you doing!?" One of the boys shouted in an accent I hadn't really heard around this part of England. 

"Babe!? What ever you're about to do, stop!" A British accent shot.

"Are you drunk?!" One asked.

"You don't know anything!" I shouted back, not looking at them.

The flat's ledges weren't far from each other, just about 2 feet (in America).

The blonde boy had jumped over his flat's ledge onto mine. 

"Go away!" I shouted. I didn't want their help, or their pity charity. 

"Love, why are you being so cross?" He asked me.

"You don't know anything!" I shouted again. 

"Babe, you're going to get hurt. Come down off the ledge." He said quietly.

I was breathing heavy, and was staring down at the never ending traffic below me. 


Do it. 

You have no one. 

No one loves you.

Your life has not meaning, Grace. 

Do it.



I took one last, small breath before letting go of the railing. 

I was falling, falling so fast. The adreniline was incredible. I was flying. Then, everything went black.


How could they tell what color her eyes were? Weren't they too far away?
sleepaesthetic sleepaesthetic Oct 11, 2016
Knees weak
                              Arms were heavy
                              Vomit on his sweater already
                              Moms spaghetti
ARMY_Bombed ARMY_Bombed Jul 16, 2015
Great way to start off the story. Right into it with a great backstory.
violet-lights violet-lights Oct 21, 2013
I want red hair like that, u r really pretty! And ur fanfic is really gooood
heyy_to_youu heyy_to_youu Mar 30, 2013
Am i the only one who is freaking out because i live in new hampshire and in the story he is packing for new hampshire?
marlborocal marlborocal Jan 21, 2013
WEY HEY IM THE MAIN CHARACTER HAHA this will totally get my ovaries to explode. xx