The Avengers x Reader one shots

The Avengers x Reader one shots

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Jay By Spikeys Updated Jun 16, 2014

Wow, it's hot tonight' you thought to yourself as you walked to the kitchen to get yourself a midnight snack. You opened the fridge to see left overs from the Dinner Steve cooked the night before 'yuck'. You, Steve and Bucky lived together in an apartment on the outskirts of Washington, a big change for you, growing up in the country. But you loved it, it was like living with the brothers you never had, like one big family. Sure, you had family, but something about having four sisters made you really appreciate living with the guys.


You heard a scream coming from Bucky's bedroom and quickly ran to see what it was.

"Buck?" you asked softly and gently pushing open his bedroom door.

Bucky was sitting up panting, with beads of sweat running down his face, dripping from his chin to his bare chest.

"(Y/N)!! GET OUT OF HERE!!!...HYDRA!!...." Bucky yelled in a panic.

You ran over to him and sat down next to him, you put your hand on his forehead and began to brush his...

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HufflepuffGirl21 HufflepuffGirl21 Aug 10, 2017
Kansas. I live in Kansas. In a small town. Which is basically like living in the country I swear.
samjo2021 samjo2021 Jun 21, 2017
The funny thing is, is that i have four sister's and I live in the country
RaevenLaLunaLight RaevenLaLunaLight Nov 17, 2016
Brucie, age is only a number~. What matters is how you FEEL.
Dancer_girl_2004 Dancer_girl_2004 Sep 27, 2016
I would of been like once upon a time there was a chicken and A girl the girl was hungry so she ate the chicken and the chicken didn't live happily ever after THE END😄
sammehland sammehland Jan 17, 2015
That I would have had a friend walk in with a tin of ice cream and movies , that totally broke my heart
- - Jan 05, 2015
Right as I read this 'Illusion' by One Direction came on, and the very first lyrics are, 'Tell Me You Bieleve In Love,' .... it worked out.