I'm Not The Girl You Once Knew

I'm Not The Girl You Once Knew

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Burnt Offerings By badcooking Updated Dec 21, 2018

As the last snow melted on a hot summer day of June, two girls met a horrific accident at the same time that would change their lives forever.

Ivy Edwards was the only daughter of a prominent New York magnate, and the fiancée of Hale Graves, the wealthy heir to a global corporate company. When her car crashed into the 40-ton truck, she was dead even before the first pedestrian had started screaming. For months, people mourned her death, thinking of a bright life snuffed so quickly.

When Mallory Evans finally woke up from her two year-coma, she realized that she had all of Ivy's memories, including a terrible secret that the whole world didn't know the golden girl was capable of keeping.

And that the only one who could help her was the now ruthless and cold-blooded president of the internationally famous Coeval Corporation, Hale Graves.

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