One Way Ticket to Anywhere

One Way Ticket to Anywhere

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DukePartial By DukePartial Updated Oct 14

Some people just have this urge. An urge to get out. An urge to run. Where? Anywhere. 
Raegan Mills has lived in a small Idaho town her whole life. So the minute she turns 18, she doesn't hesitate. She hops a plane to Venice, Italy, having no idea what this trip will entail.

An adventure romance

Cover made by @humorously

#4 in Istanbul
#6 in South America

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first time I read this(because I'm blind)I saw 'a whole pizza filled with pigeons' I was like... WHO LIKES PIGEONS ON THEIR PIZZA?!?!?! Then did a double take and saw XD
Aww I liked her. 
                              This line is great. 
                              A smile automatically crepe upon my face
nice!! This was really good! I still perfer TROTP but this one was amazing aswell, ;)
I love Raegan, she is so confident and sassy. Excited to read more :)
PaleAire PaleAire Aug 18
This story sounds promising. I love Italy and Raegan is a badass. 
                              Great story you have here!!!
                              Good job.
bupton68 bupton68 Aug 16
This would be a cool spot to drop in some immersion ....Maybe the cabby says "Dove?" , you don't understand and he throws out "Italiano?" say "a little" and then you can go right back  into the "Where to?" with heavy accent line . Would kind of  bring you into Italy a bit ....