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aoife💞❤️ By icedream_ Updated Aug 07, 2018

This Roleplays is back, for the biggest and most dramatic season ever!

With more drama, more characters, more plotlines, this series is going to be tougher than any before. Not only will the dancers all face the harsh online comments from fans of the show, they will be competiting against dancers from across the globe.

They'll have to work through a lot of drama in order to even dance, more drama with ever before. With the newcomers not understanding what these girls have been through, Abbys physcopathetic tendancys and relationships being torn apart. Lies, Secrets and Drama. 

Not only will the double elimination continue, but teams from each country will compete a group each week as well as each solo. The winners of that group, they get immunity for the following week. The solos will decide who gets to go home. It could be anyone/

Will they still be good enough against the new, talented dancers from across the globe?

Can they even continue without breaking down?

Will they be able to keep going?

And will they be able to succeed under the pressure of three judges, including Abby Lee Miller(A physco), Gianna Martello and Maddie Ziegler, A previous competitor and winner?

And who will win the title of the Worlds Best Dancer In AUDC Season 3: World Championships??