One Lost Can Be a Gain

One Lost Can Be a Gain

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Peter Parker, fifteen-year-old vigilante. Fifteen-year-old teen that had lost everything in his life. First his Parents, then his Uncle Ben. Then...everything went down hill. He lost his Aunt May. They were just driving, driving home to avoid traffic, it was just a shortcut! That Shortcut lead May to her death, it lead Peter to going to an Orphanage where they mistreated kids, not caring what they had been through. All the Orphanage cared about was the money they would be getting for each kid. 

The day May died, Peter was taken by social services, the market out their apartment on sale which was taken almost immediately. He lost all of Mays stuff and was only allowed t9 take his own. He was able to grab a few things that belonged to May and Ben, but that was it. He was never able to return to that house again, it no longer belonged to him and May, it bel9mg to some Stranger. Peter just wanted to stop from that day, he just wanted to stop feeling and never feel love for anyone again. 

One day, Steve and Tony Stark-Rogers were discussing, something that they needed. They had been married for three years, and in those three years, they have always wanted a child. A child that wasn't too young, but also a child that could care for themselves when they went on missions. That day, they went to the orphanage, that day, they met the most perfect boy they could ever ask for. Peter Parker.

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