We are the outcasts

We are the outcasts

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blueflamespirit By blueflamespirit1 Updated Jul 19

"Good morning, city of Perfectus. It is 8:00 AM on a beautiful Wednesday morning. Today's weather forecast: sunny for most of the day until 5:30 PM where there will be a light rain shower. Make sure to bring your umbrellas. And have a lovely, Perfect day." 

I groan as the sickening sweet voice on the intercom speaks out to the whole city, the curtains opening to have the sun blind me. I slowly slip out of my silky smooth sheets and go to the kitchen, making myself a strong coffee. Lord knows I need it. I step out on balcony, leaning on the railing while sipping my drink. 

Everything was the same. Same perfect sky, same perfect streets that are cleaner than a rich mans home. Same perfect houses that are not to small or too big, just the perfect size and shape. Same perfect people, same perfect city. Same perfect fucking everything.

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