Skin (Shifters #1) | On Hold

Skin (Shifters #1) | On Hold

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Len Blackwood By LenBlackwood Updated Jul 21, 2018

Don't go into the woods at night.

The one rule they all lived by, surrounded by the forest that made fairy-tales come to life. They were humans. Ordinary. Mortal. Weak.

But the weak can become strong.

All it takes is one bite.


Astraea thought her life was over the minute the fangs buried themselves in her skin. She thought she was dying as the poison spread through her veins. She never thought it'd change her - make her one of them.

The strongest race in Reika.

A shifter.

Shunned by the village she once called home, she keeps to herself, wondering whether it's time to leave. Her options are narrowed down, once they make their appearance - shifters. Not just any shifters though.


Dragged into their world rather forcefully, Astraea soon finds out that if she wants to claim her place in the pack then she needs to forget everything she thought she knew. Cast aside her old morals and stand in their world. 

Not as a human.

But a beast wearing their skin.

---Currently the stories on my main account are taking priority over the ones on my side accounts, so Skin hasn't been abandonned, just pushed to the back of the que -- and it's a long one. The latest I should be getting back to this is Summer 2019, but my life is well known for throwing unexpecting situations my way. Before I get back around to writing this, I will also be editing the original chapters I've posted up.---

(Book One in the Shifters Series.)