Our Hero Within

Our Hero Within

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Benjamin David By BenjaminDavid365 Completed

"I was every parent's quintessential worst nightmare. I was 17 years old and I thought I was a real-life Scarface. What happened a few days later was probably one of the most insane moments of my life.

Two big ass guys barge into my room, put a black bag over my head, handcuff me and carry me out of the house into what I later realize would be a van. I had just been legally kidnapped by WWASPs Child Escort Service..."

Benjamin begins his story at the age of 17 where after a desperate request from his parents, he is "legally kidnapped" and transported over 1,000 miles to an abusive behavior modification school in Mexico called "Casa By The Sea".

Coming home from Casa and going right back to his old ways he quickly finds himself sentenced to maximum security prison where he explains how, for 3 years, he navigated daily prison violence, and gang politics as one of the prisons youngest inmates. 

After being shaken up from witnessing the near murder of another inmate, and meeting a new friend he is encouraged to study philosophy, and self-help books, and it's here at this part in his journey that things take a drastic change and for the next 2.5 years he embarks on a spiritual journey that becomes the obsession that eventually breaks through years of the most extreme self-destructive and careless behavior. 

Benjamin writes Our Hero WIthin and tells his story as a practical advice manual that provides a blueprint for anyone today struggling to find themselves. 

"You may find yourself to be out of tune with life, but you aren't. As every journey has a hero, you are the hero of yours. You just have to have faith and believe in yourself until that hero emerges." - Benjamin David, Our Hero Within.

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You have an incredible story, Benjamin and so much insight and compassion for the people around you. I enjoyed reading your book and learning how you think and make sense of the events in your life. Being able to manifest those experiences into something positive and helpful to others is admirable.