Sonadow Fanfic

Sonadow Fanfic

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Taken Hernandez By Sheleigh_The_Cat Updated Mar 08, 2014

Shadow was on top of a grassy hill around midnight in the forest.

Shadow:"What do you want faker!" he said to Sonic with a nasty look on his face.

Sonic:"I don't want anything, besides your the one looking at me like that."

Shadow:"O" he blushes in embarassment "What are you doing here anyways?" He hugs his legs to his chest.

Sonic:"Just looking at the stars, I only started coming here a few nights a go to think.......u?"

Shadow:"Same, only I've been coming here for a long time *sighs* it gets lonely" He rubs his head in his knees.

Sonic:"You ok there buddy?" He slowly try to reach his arm around Shadow but Shadow smacks it away.

Shadow:"I'm fine! I just want to be alone, you stupid faker!" Turns his body the other way.

Sonic:"Well excuse me!!!! I was only trying to help! See thats the thing with you Shadow, you never want help, and when someone offers it you turn away...I don't get you-you-you FREAK!!!!"

Shadow starts to cry and sniffle with his head barried in his arms from ...

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TheStarsShineForU TheStarsShineForU Nov 20, 2016
Shaddikku yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
musicmusthace musicmusthace May 03, 2015
nuuuuuu I read the name of the next chapter and I feel like a have fire in meh eyes" IM GONNA EAT U ALL"