Brandon's Notebook (A TMMM Bonus Material)

Brandon's Notebook (A TMMM Bonus Material)

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If you've read The Mischievous Mrs. Maxfield, you know who Brandon Maxfield is.

He's only my readers' favorite book-husband ever. *wink*

If you've read his little journal note about the honeymoon and swooned, then you might like this. 

We've been in Charlotte's head throughout the whole epic ride of her life, glimpsing the mind and heart of the prince who swept this not-so-proper princess off her feet.

If you want to see more of what went through Brandon's mind, read on. 

See what it's like from this side of the fairy tale...


Author's Note: These are not duplicates of scenes that have been depicted in The Mischievous Mrs. Maxfield told from Brandon's POV. This book is going to consist of Brandon's journal entries as he goes through the similar experiences as Charlotte so it's not going to read like actual scenes in a book.

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kitten2412 kitten2412 Dec 25, 2016
I had read Mrs mischievous maxfield days ago and it felt good that there was this book we all fans could go to when we were having withdrawals of Brandon! So here I am
No wonder Brandon was pissed 😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂 Martin has no chill
Michelle89em Michelle89em 5 days ago
I think I've read the mischievous mrs Maxwell years ago!it's the 1st book I've ever read here on wattpad...