The Heartless Alpha

The Heartless Alpha

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Phoebe By phoesrules Completed

"As I walk up to the table I pause this feeling urges me to run to hide from the 4 tall handsome and rugged guys but I know I can't it's my job to serve them if I didn't and I lost my job dad would surely kill me."

Alyssa is not your average 16-year-old  human who works at a cafe for money. she has a dark secret, one so dark that if it ever got out she would surely be dead.

John is a werewolf alpha. cruel, heartless and hates humans with a vengeance!

what will happen when they find out the fates have mated them together, will john be able to keep Alyssa alive? can they grow past the cruel fate they are made to live or will they land up going separate ways? only time will tell.

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