Louis Tomlinson (dirty imagine)

Louis Tomlinson (dirty imagine)

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         °Y\N P.O.V° 

I was sitting at home waiting for my boyfriend, Louis

Tomlinson. He was out with the guys. Ugh where is he! FINALY! "Sorry I'm late babe" he said coming through the door. "Really?" "Really what?" "Your late. Again." "Oh I'm sorry, let me make it up to you, please!?!" "ugh whatever I'm going to sleep. Goodnight babe." "OK payback is going to be at the door in a little while." He had a smirk on his smexy face. I just walked up to my room. As soon as my body hit the bed I fell into a deep sleep. About 15minutes later I heard Louis's voice call me.I was sleeping in my bra and undies on my back. "Y\N, Y\N, Y\N.........Y\N!!!! "OMG!!! IM TRYING TO SLEEP!!!!" "Well, i-i said payback it gonna be here in a little while. So, now, or later." "Oh my gosh Lou, leave me the freak alone!! I'm going to take a shower." "OK" he yet again had a smirk. I had some clothes out already. I got out of my bra and undies. I looked at my self in the body mirror. "Wow, when was the last ti...

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5-7 minutes later?That's very specific, in a not-so-specific way.