Fairytales (Neison) | DISCONTINUED

Fairytales (Neison) | DISCONTINUED

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After stumbling across a strange fairytale novel and opening it, Neil and Harrison are transported into a world of fiction and classic childhood tales. Their only way out is to go through each story and give them the happy ending they deserve. But, of course, there are some obstacles in their way... 

Join these two as they push logic aside, travel through some of your favorite childhood stories, meet (somewhat) familiar faces, and (of course) fall head-over-heels for each other... 

Oh wait, haven't they done that in the real world already?


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Hello! In all honesty, I came up with this idea in the shower and it's somewhat inspired by @death-of-a-phangirl's Logicality fic, "Out of Time."

Hope you enjoy!

(Mentions of MaxPres and Nikki x Nerris)

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