My Unexpected Saviors

My Unexpected Saviors

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I use to think that I had nothing to live for once my mom died,

That was till I met him,

A cage fighter.

Niykee Heaton uses to be outgoing, hanging out with friends, being a normal teenager. till one day he mom was killed in a car accident and everything she knew changed her dad would work late come home drunk every night. One night he can home drunk like always but this time he yelled at her then started to beat her till she passed out. Now 4 years later, she still gets beat by her once's loving father and she is no longer the outgoing person she was she is shy and just keeps her head down and she pushed everyone away for their safety. One day her father came home and told her they were moving cause he is getting transferred to a new town. Will things be different in this town or will they stay the same?

Dominic Hernandez is your typical bad boy at school the only differences, he loves being in the cage to beat the living hell out of people, the best part you can't get in trouble for it. Dom gives off that scary vibe and if you're not in his small circle he treats you bad, no one looks at him every time someone walks past him or him passed them they look down or don't look his way. he has a cold stare, no one knows why his is the way he is, only his small circle, he is one you don't want to mess with, and yeah he has his share of girls but never has a serious relationship with them.

so what happens when fate makes them meet can she break down his walls in time, or will it be too late and she takes fate into her own hands? Read and find out what happens to Niykee and Dom.

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(I do plan on going through the book and doing a full/storyline edit so it can flow better, but not anytime soon. So read at your own risk.)

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danesskie danesskie Sep 23, 2016
this book was highly recommended to me so now i am reading it
SabrinaCook4 SabrinaCook4 Oct 22, 2016
Ive read every single one of your books and helped you with flicker in the night. You are literally my favorite read here.