Needing Batman ▷ Stiles Stilinski [Book 1]

Needing Batman ▷ Stiles Stilinski [Book 1]

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"Maybe one day when Batman thinks that Gotham doesn't need him, then Batman will no longer need Gotham." -Jenna Felmore      

Sarcastic, super smart, very athletic, Jenna Felmore has just moved to Beacon Hills because of her father's new job as the deputy. Unlike her brother Charlie who was excited for the move Jenna couldn't be more upset. What was there to do in a small town like Beacon Hills, California? They have what, one movie theater? Fun.     

But as we know Beacon Hills isn't a normal town. With it's supernatural secrets and creatures Jenna unfortunately gets wrapped up in it after making new friends with the very supernatural group itself. It also doesn't help that she thinks she's falling for her pale, freckled, sarcastic best friend that is in love with someone else. 

How is Jenna going to survive? Does she have secrets herself? Maybe ones that she doesn't know about? Well you'll just have to see.

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o0bunyip0o o0bunyip0o Feb 10
I honestly just looked up the difference between formally and formerly so I'd know where this was going.
UnicornsAreReal1092 UnicornsAreReal1092 Aug 19, 2017
Yeah, all different kinds of friends, here in Beacon Hills we got werewolves, banshees, kitsunes, and some other stuff you probably don't wanna talk to
kekeraedancer kekeraedancer Jul 19, 2017
When I see the name Jenna i keep picturing that blind bîtch in pll's
1-800-YouNeedJesus 1-800-YouNeedJesus Aug 02, 2017
Omg, reading the description has me so hyped! My name is Jenna and I freaking LOVE Stiles. 😂 I think I'm gonna like this.
1-800-YouNeedJesus 1-800-YouNeedJesus Aug 02, 2017
This completely ironic because if I were to move, her reaction is exactly what mine would be.
kekeraedancer kekeraedancer Jul 19, 2017
His name is Noah but that wasnt revealed till season 6 but tbh i find it funny af that even before that all these fanfics just name him john