Moon Bound

Moon Bound

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Alsey Grayland By alsey89 Completed

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Once upon a time, there was a girl. Scarlet was raised to lead and protect.
But he was something no man could stop - a monster.
In a story where fate is a curse, she can't escape a future defined by the Moon.
He can't stop the consequences. He can't change the past she can't forget.
It comes back. It haunts. It kills.
A story about a girl who met an alpha in the darkest night.   

 The story is not an easy read. Reader's discretion is advised.

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popcorntime220601 popcorntime220601 Oct 21, 2016
Thank you!! I was getting sick of the "i hate you" and two hours later "i love you"
ElfinRain- ElfinRain- May 02, 2016
In your trailer was the song by OMGF? I cant remember >.< 
                              But I think its cool that you thought about adding a trailer. (^_^)
MichelleFreeman671 MichelleFreeman671 Dec 14, 2016
incredible extended trailer. awesome does't fuller cover it. great job!
in-my-dreams-tonight in-my-dreams-tonight Nov 24, 2016
I'm laughing so hard right now!! 😂Thank God I wasn't the only one catching that's been catching that mistake
aidachairani aidachairani Dec 26, 2016
The moon bound trailer is awesome, I believe this book will be great but sorry if I get to slow to read it because I must translate to my language and now I'm ready with dictionary on my hand :)))
Cant wait to read this 😍been waiting for it to be completed ❤️