Anger (Yuri Plisetsky x reader)[complete]

Anger (Yuri Plisetsky x reader)[complete]

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Looks can be deceiving. 
[Y/N] [L/N], otherwise known as the (nationality) Princess, the top skater in the junior female Prix and continual winner, is finally qualified to compete in the senior division. she competes well, but not as well as she could, and is ready for the finals. She flies to Barcelona, and of course, the first skater she sees there, is the infamous Russian punk...

All rights reserved, I do not own Yuri!!! On Ice. 

So yeah, enjoy!😸

Oh yeah I should also add that there's some... err... adult language, if you get me, but you know it's Yuri so why wouldn't there be some swear words... err, I mean... mature language.

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I was reading this, and I love how it says (Nationality) then you just go to English XD
Sketchy_M8 Sketchy_M8 Jun 13
You have captured my true personality In this bOoK- aRe YoU a StALkEr??
InuMoonMoon InuMoonMoon Jul 05
I bet you viktor saw the poster and was like waiting for them to meet and secretly shipping it from afar but now that they’ve met he’s not holding back his shipping game