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BritishHolic By BritishHolic Updated Feb 17, 2017

What's gravity? The force of attraction, the force of love. Sometimes it kills the hatred and distance between people. And sometimes, it brings two special people together.

Can gravity bring two separate people - Safa and Omar - who have never heard of each other, never talked to each other AND come from two different sides of the world - together?  

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Spiritual #1 - 2/22/15

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LaLaiq LaLaiq Feb 06, 2016
@BritishHolic let's agree to disagree.... we have different views that's all
KittyCrackers KittyCrackers Apr 24, 2016
I've had this book in my library for sooo long. I so shouldn't be starting a new book. I really really shouldn't. I have exams looming over me! But no one else is updating... 
                              Ah what the heck. Just one chapter?
fadydafy fadydafy Jul 08, 2015
Yo writer, your way of writing is unique, interesting and catchy. keep it up I like it till now very much. 
                              O .s haters gonna hate  so stay optimistic
Eamaaney Eamaaney Mar 27, 2015
wow! I've spent a lot of time looking for a good book on here, I think I've finally found it
Deeeeeeejah Deeeeeeejah Mar 02, 2015
Haha "But right now, I'm trying to save mine." LoL I laughed way too much at this than I should. Ahh this story keeps getting interesting, woohoo *does the happy dance*
loststarsbrokendream loststarsbrokendream Dec 30, 2014
@Miss_Muslimah In Pakistan every married couples shares their last name !!!!!