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I love you, My Neko {Yaoi}

I love you, My Neko {Yaoi}

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Tati By twinbunss Updated Jan 22, 2015

-On Hold- 

My Name is Sora Naoe . On the way back home from my parents funeral (They died in a plane crash) I saw a lonely cat in a cardboard box. Everyone was passing by it like they didnt see it turn to me with its pleading eyes... I so desperately wanted to pick it up ...  (Read the story to find out more)

WaterVsFire WaterVsFire Apr 14, 2016
Lol vajaja. This kid when i was leaving band class, he was a 5th grader i think mayb 6, was talking to this other kid who had a shirt that said Virginia. The t shirt kid said something i dont remember and the other kid said like "u too vagina." Like wtf
Aqua_Lilly Aqua_Lilly Jul 28, 2016
It's Purple Guy!! (Not that I play FNAF) No, wait- Urushihara!!
Brokendragons Brokendragons Apr 06, 2016
This is why I have no religion. People should be who they want to be!!!
Boi there is nothing wrong with homosexuality. 'Oh I don't way gays pushing their sexuality onto their kids. Let's not let them adopt kids that straight people didn't want.' Well, you know... Straight people force their kids to be straight. Like boi.  ASEXUALITY FOR LIFE!
_im_trying_ _im_trying_ Jun 22, 2016
SHOTS FIREDDDD!!! jk some people are just to dumb to leave and end up commenting only for other people to insult them lol
_im_trying_ _im_trying_ Jun 22, 2016
Dads brother,Amu,Grandma , 
                                  D⃗r⃗i⃗n⃗k⃗ w⃗i⃗n⃗d⃗e⃗x⃗ 🖕🏻