I love you, My Neko {Yaoi}

I love you, My Neko {Yaoi}

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Tati By twinbunss Updated Jan 22, 2015

-On Hold- 

My Name is Sora Naoe . Wanna know what's weird? Going to your parents and sibling funeral. What's weirder? Leaving half way through. What tops the weirdest of the weirdest? learning the abandoned kitten I found on the streets can turn into a human boy with an even weirder past.  Yeah, I'm just as confused too. If anyne wants an human cat hybrid then hit me up

I wrote this cringy mess when I was 13, into yaoi and was a total fucking weeb. I'm sorry. There's so many mistakes with this but It's too cringy for me look at it much less edit it so take it as is because I might keep this story in 2012 where it belongs. I litterally hate myself for writing this and this is one of my dark secrets that nobody but you guys kno about. Good luck reading this mess

  • abandone
  • abuse
  • boyxboy
  • death
  • family
  • japan
  • lonely
  • love
  • neko
  • romance
  • scars
  • werecat
pholbrook pholbrook Jul 20, 2017
I'm still gunna kill the dad's brother for saying he should lol himself for being gay. Who's with me
Abrea_Kirkland Abrea_Kirkland Apr 14, 2017
I don't know why, but I can't help but to picture him as a boy version of Raven.
pholbrook pholbrook Jul 20, 2017
Someone call 911 because when I'm done with the drunkard, he's gunna need a doctor.............
pholbrook pholbrook Jul 20, 2017
I'm the only streaks person out of all I repeat all my friends, people need to get over it..........
Zack_ZeNeko Zack_ZeNeko Oct 19, 2017
Omg I read this in school, and I started crying and everyone in my class started looking at me
pewdiecry1234 pewdiecry1234 Dec 30, 2017
Oh there it is. When I try to support the lgbt community even though I’m straight I get “your normal and they are abominations” or “they are freaks of nature who you should not support” and my favorite “they are fags” 
                              Fùck my family!