A Neko and His Wolf (Yaoi)

A Neko and His Wolf (Yaoi)

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Char, Touha, and Life By charnellemartin Completed

Meet Yuu, a third year in in high school (junior) who has a crazy life, a mum with a shotgun, overprotective brothers and a best friend that can rip off anyone's balls when mad as fuck! Not to mention he just got a boyfriend.

Oh, did I mention he is a neko, and his boyfriend is a wolf?? Yes, not to mention his best friend is part mouse and most of his family are animas that can change too!

Yes, this is Yaoi! Now read this shit! 

*Note this is not a Fanfiction. I don't know why Wattpad put it in that Category. I own all characters!*

Status: Completed

-BloodyMoon- -BloodyMoon- 2 days ago
I HAVE A GAY BEST FRIEND AND HE'S SO AWESOME!!! If only I can get him to dress like this tho. *dreams*
-BloodyMoon- -BloodyMoon- 2 days ago
Sai: someone say my name
                              Me: WTF NOT YOU SAI!! GO BACK TO NARUTO!!
MercedesLashanti MercedesLashanti 2 days ago
what the hell sai? u speak british and dyed your hair now. ino is gonna be pissed😂😂😂
-BloodyMoon- -BloodyMoon- 2 days ago
Yea I say that to my best friend and she stares at me and says I'm special 😊
-BloodyMoon- -BloodyMoon- 2 days ago
Why do I have a feeling that when boys are using the bathrooms they have like the same conversation about who's bigger?
But does it really matter, you're gonna get ducked in the ass anyway not the other way around duh