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Is It Wrong To Love My Teacher?

Is It Wrong To Love My Teacher?

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Katrina By Muziclover4ever2 Updated Sep 05, 2011

Michelle Grey is a 17 year old girl. Her brother, Danny and her live mostly alone because their parents are never there. They're always working. When Danny's friend from college comes to live with them, it gets crazy. Michelle falls head over heels for him. But, Will isn't just Danny's best friend. He's also Michelle's English teacher. Can they ever be together?

xxTeenWolfIsBaexx xxTeenWolfIsBaexx May 15, 2016
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Discobomb_Dino97 Discobomb_Dino97 May 15, 2012
I dislike the stereotype you are using. People who are "emo" are emotional, sometimes emotionally distressed. Being "emo" does not mean you cut yourself, cutting yourself does not make you "emo." There's a difference between being emotional and being a cutter
XoXoIzmeBeyotchXoXo XoXoIzmeBeyotchXoXo Dec 12, 2011
Word of advice have alittle bit action cuz all isee now is kisss secense just saying it be cool to have like 3 aleast different at least and that secene is off of prettie little liars nobody else notice? But ithought that secence was kinda funnie lol that good of you to add that though.
MinnyRawR MinnyRawR Aug 21, 2011
Emo: emotionally distressed 
                              CUTTER: a person who cuts themselves 
                              Sorry but the two are VERY different, a cutter can be ANYONE while emo people can be seen.  You can't always see who is a cutter. MAJOR difference.
Kayla1211 Kayla1211 Jun 10, 2011
When r u going to upload more of this because it's such an awesome book!!!!
Mlana3675 Mlana3675 Mar 26, 2011
It's good so far, But you have a few puncuation errors, and you need better transitons, example: "I got up and opened the shower. After I showered." But I really like how you described your charecter it allowed the reader to visualize who charecter is.