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Handcuffed to my Crush

Handcuffed to my Crush

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standout_out_forever By standout_out_forever Updated Jul 27, 2016

It all started that one fall day when I had to go to school and get handcuffed to my crush.Im Catherine but, my friends call me CeCe I go to gallstone high. I have two wonderful friends but I wouldn't call my self popular and this year I was forced by my friends to join life class a class about the future to prepare us for it. But the first day when they said the first project of the year would be 'How is life when your married' I was in for a huge surprise.......

                            What will happen?....

may159033 may159033 3 days ago
that sounds like me in three people, but my hair isn't drown anymore. it's purple
Lauren5santa Lauren5santa Jan 04, 2016
Amazing book!! I already feel a strong connection and understanding to the main character (which typically takes more then two chapters for me)