Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time

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BelgiumFinland By XxTeamAwesomeXx Updated Mar 12, 2012

Have you ever wondered where all fairy tales sprung up from?

Have you have ever wondered if any of the fairy tales were ever real?

Have you ever wondered why each fairy tale was created?

Well, if you ever did, you’re wondering mind will wonder no more.  

Story books that make the characters come to life.  The biggest and the badist of the villains ready to destroy human kind.  

One girl that has the power to control one magically book and bring the characters to life, literally.  She is responsible for keeping the book in check and keeping the characters bound inside.

But, what happens when a page is ripped out of the book?

One boy that was ripped out of the book and isn't eager to return.  Stubborn, rude, mean, cunning, handsome...all the things that he wasn't in his story.

Once released the characters practically become human (again) and create a name for themselves.  Once that happens, they are each reluctant to go back into the book that had damned them all.

One book...
One Fabulator (Storyteller)...
One boy...
Multiply Villains...

Can the madness be contained?

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- - Jun 29, 2012
@MusicWriter14 You said you would help me!  I- I don't like how the first chapter is going. DX
LivesInWonderland LivesInWonderland Jun 29, 2012
@HopelesslyDreaming Yes...it needs to be finished... hehehe i love you honey!(: