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Demon slayer smut book by lzRARAzl2
Demon slayer smut bookby ❀❤︎ᴡʜᴏᴘᴘᴇʀ❤︎❀
The tittle says it all. 😙 Mostly Akaza and Kyojuro.😍😍😍
Oneshots! . . . 🙈smut 🙉fluff 🙊angst . . . [Bottom zenitsu bc we love dominant boy] [Top tanjiro cz yes] no demons btw they live normal so like I our year or if tha...
Feather Fall {Demon Slayer x Male reader} (Discontinued) by Rengoku_Kyojuro_Umai
Feather Fall {Demon Slayer x Male...by UMAI!!!!💖🍛
I'm legit doing 3 stories at once, anyways, this has been on my mind for a lil bit. Y/N L/N worked as a blacksmith, carving swords all the time. His parents 'Abandoned'...
The Moon Hashira (Under Editing) by DragonLover366
The Moon Hashira (Under Editing)by River
Demon Slayer x Reader Y/n Tsugikuni: "Oh, please. It's not like you could do any better." Y/n is a year older than Tanjiro and was taken in by the Kamados. S...
Demon slayer x male reader [discontinued] by Divine_God1
Demon slayer x male reader [discon...by Divine_God1
This story is about a teen named (Y/N) Adachi who joins the demon slayer corps after a tragic incident (None of the art is mine and this will contain spoilers if you ha...
Male! Kny X Isekai!Reader by Official_Douma_Cult
Male! Kny X Isekai!Readerby Z and Geno
"I don't understand you!" Y/n was walking home from school and now is in the freezing cold, and cant understand anything these H̶o̶t̶ anime men are saying. Wi...
Swap AU :D what if the main characters were Kaigaku and Zenitzu... by Juniper_Tsuki
Swap AU :D what if the main charac...by -Juni-
When Zenitzu came back to the dojo after a shopping trip to the village he heard the sound of a demon... and not just any demon. and uppermoon. Escaping from Uppermoon 1...
[~♡Flustered♡~] Giyutan story~ Kimetsu no yaiba  by LuvDemGay
[~♡Flustered♡~] Giyutan story~ Kim...by Thoma's princess
Hi this is my first wattpad creation i hope you like it😁⚠️DISCLAIMER⚠️ This ship is not canon this is just a fanfic (tho i wish it were real😔) Anyways i hope you enjoy...
𝐎𝐍𝐄𝐒𝐇𝐎𝐓𝐒  | Demon Slayer by apricxtprincess
𝐎𝐍𝐄𝐒𝐇𝐎𝐓𝐒 | Demon Slayerby Crluvsq420
- smut - fluff - angst one-shots, prompts, headcanons, and imagines - requests - C L O S E D DM ME FOR REQUESTS! PLEASE DONT COMMENT, IM TRYING TO KEEP TRACK! SPOILERS...
●『midnight talks』● by Stupid_guy1
●『midnight talks』●by stupid_guy1
"even though I won't be here, the next time you wake,I wanted to let you know, I loved your voice, your laugh,and and I won't forget your smile and our midnight tal...
my art work  by izu__Bunny
my art work by Izu__bunny
I was bored and I drew....a lot so here's a few that I shall show you peps
Giyuutan oneshots  by GachaXRose
Giyuutan oneshots by AceXRose….
Sorry if u don't like the ships I like
Demon King Tanjiro by leinkdragon
Demon King Tanjiroby leinkdragon
⚠️HEAVY MANGA SPOILER WARNINGS⚠️ What happens if Lady Tamayo didn't make enough of the cure and Tanjiro never turns back? Tanjiro is now a demon but not just any demon...
~~~~~~~~~~KNY IMAGINES~~~~~~~~~~~ by wierdobutcooler
~~~~~~~~~~KNY IMAGINES~~~~~~~~~~~by Quinn
I will be creating imagines for anyone who wants to read them. I will take request and I'll also write whatever you want me to write.:)
I'll never leave you  by bloodmoonsfan
I'll never leave you by lunna
kaigaku x zenitzu what if zenitzu betrayed the demon slayer core to be with a special demon this contains Smutt self harm and gore if you are uncomfortable with this pl...
Kny x reader by SnowSnow962255
Kny x readerby SnowSnow962255
One day Yn was out selling coal when she returned her sister/brother was turned into a demon appeared
Silenced hearts(kny x horse reader) by LopezMondolla
Silenced hearts(kny x horse reader)by Lovely
Being a demon slayer it's not an easy task, from having great speed to a great strength are the basics recuairements a great demon slayer should poses, a demon slayer ri...
to protect you till the end || uzuzen || DEMON SLAYER || by yoiniii16
to protect you till the end || uzu...by yoinishii
i want to write an story for uzui x zenitzu...since it came up to my mind to write on Zenitzu didnt even known those memory and it keep hunting him and it cause zenitzu...
The rise of the demon slayer by FernandoVillegas596
The rise of the demon slayerby Fernando Villegas
This is a modern au where there is a new demon king and the demons are rising again what will are new slayers do and how will they kill the new demon king.