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Yuri x otabek  by coffeeAndDesperation
Yuri x otabek by coffee&desperation
fluff I got tired of not being able to find any freaking otabek x yuri fanfics so I said fuck it I'll write my own. There are enough victor x Yuuri fanfics give the blo...
Katsudon Teacher (Victuuri) by shorticeyhotpotato
Katsudon Teacher (Victuuri)by Therapist who needs a Therapi...
After Victor and Yuuri retire from ice skating, Victor goes on as a coach (specifically for Yurio) and Yuuri as a college teacher. Yuuri's students immediately fall in l...
Heart On Fire| Yuri!!! On Ice x Reader by kailight
Heart On Fire| Yuri!!! On Ice x Re...by ❄️Nate❄️
"She's like my little sister I can't think that way of her!"...." "She's too innocent for the world. I want to protect her!..." "She's the...
Secrets on Ice (yuri on ice x haikyuu) by karasuhoe_shea
Secrets on Ice (yuri on ice x haik...by karasuhoe_shea
Hinata, although he seems like a lighthearted, care-free person on the outside, has many secrets that he keeps buried inside. One of those secrets being that he is the f...
Perfect Landing | Miya Atsumu by skydelights
Perfect Landing | Miya Atsumuby Skight
Takihara Y/N pursued her career as a figure skater when her 2 years boyfriend, Kuroo Tetsurou, cheated on her. After five years of training overseas, she came to Japan f...
Can You Keep A Secret? by IdotSushi
Can You Keep A Secret?by Kirihito Mizuki
Hinata Shoyo is a 1st year in Karasuno High School's Volleyball team and he has a special secret that he's only told to selective people. What happens if his team finds...
Changing - Yuri Plisetsky x Reader by frstlel
Changing - Yuri Plisetsky x Readerby frstlel
(Y/N) (L/N) is known for her innocent and pure performances as the junior's best female ice skater world-wide. After the last year of her being in the junior's section...
Hinatas Passion | Yuri on ice x Haikyuu crossover  by iliketoshift
Hinatas Passion | Yuri on ice x Ha...by Cassie Silcott
Hinata Shoyo seemed like your average idiotic volleyball loving kid but, there was more to him, way more than anyone would like to admit. What will happen when everyone...
Barcelona, Without Return | victuuri / yuri on ice by Eavans
Barcelona, Without Return | victuu...by Eavan
It's been a decade since Yuuri won the Grand Prix and he and Victor parted ways. 10 years on and Victor still can't make sense of it all. ___
Mad by fireprincess2002
Madby Xskylight7
Yuri a boy, a peasant , a nothing. And forever will be nothing because that is what he is a nothing. At least that's what he's master told him but now he ran away and ra...
Close to him { Yuri x Otabek } Yuri on Ice fanfic featuring Otayuri & Victuri by phanimaniac
Close to him { Yuri x Otabek } Yur...by phanimaniac
This is the story of Yuri and Otabek's growing friendship after the Grand Prix Finals...but is friendship all there is to their relationship? Highest ranking: #375 in fa...
The Rhythm of Red || YOI!!! Yuri(o) x OC || by xlaurynwritesx
The Rhythm of Red || YOI!!! Yuri(o...by Lauryn
Kaori Katsuki. The youngest child of the Katsuki's. Not many can say they have a brother that has won a ice skating world championship. Neither can I, but at least it me...
Born To Make History by Arilou17
Born To Make Historyby Arilou17
Victor watched the female skaters start their performance. He was quite impressed with them but one skater caught his eye. She looked quite young but had the moves of an...
Haikyuu meets Lev and Kenma Parents by Ryg127
Haikyuu meets Lev and Kenma Parentsby Ryg127
This is the story of when haikyuu found out lev and kenma were the children of famous ice skaters. In this story you will have Levyaku, Kuroken, Vicyuri, YurioxOtabeck...
Skate Under The Stars by grainofspace
Skate Under The Starsby Sky
Hinata Shoyo has had 2 admirations in life: to ice skate and to play volleyball. Ice skating has been around his entire life and was fairly easy to achieve Volleyball c...
The Talent He Keeps Hidden (Yuri on Ice x BNHA) by Eat_The_Children
The Talent He Keeps Hidden (Yuri o...by Eat_The_Children
Bakugou has been hiding someone from his classmates and teachers. It's something big. No matter how much Bakugou hates showing off, the idea of the school finding out is...
a skaters secret by Keiji_coffin
a skaters secretby keiji-san
Hinata is secretly a famous figure skater under the coaching of Victor and Yuri (who are dating). he still plays volleyball and keeps his popularity a secret to the team...
Partners In Crime | Yuri Plisetsky x Reader by GigglyUndertaker
Partners In Crime | Yuri Plisetsky...by sugaVhope
The angry Russian chases her around the rink, "Why did I get stuck with a partner like you?" The (h/c) girl smirks, "Because I'm annoying and you're angry...
Unexpected ▪ Yuri On Ice by WifeofStark
Unexpected ▪ Yuri On Iceby ~💀👑
Victor is the typical jock at school and Yuuri the typical nerd. Except they're not. One is whipped and desperate while the other has more secret admirers than Pichit ha...
yurio x reader one shots by aomineshi
yurio x reader one shotsby charlotte
various one shots of you and the russian punk ;))) all cute (now with lemons for all you hoes)