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Please? [Xiao X Reader] [NSFW]  by ChiharuAnimationsOff
Please? [Xiao X Reader] [NSFW] by Chiharu Animations Official
"Finally, you're back... I missed you so much." Cute stuff - > nsfw ------------------------------------- Cover art by Hgj_juuun on Instagram Art within t...
The End of a Contract - Xiao X Reader  by misscremee
The End of a Contract - Xiao X misscremee
A traveller from Mondstadt has just reached Liyue on a quest to explore all of Teyvat. They expect to only spend two nights at Wangshu Inn before setting off to Liyue H...
Met you that one night~🌙💫⭐️ by XxCinnamorollxX
Met you that one night~🌙💫⭐️by Toka~
🌟⚡️Xiao one day steps by Hu Tao crying, what secrets does she have? ✨💫⭐️ 🌸A blossoming friendship between Hu tao and Xiao.... Well friendship for now..💕 (My first fa...
the flower garden | xiao x reader by -mimibear
the flower garden | xiao x readerby -mimibear
the love story of the conqueror of demons and a girl who's fond of flowers ✿ | genshin impact reader insert ✿ | xiao x f!reader ✿ | cover art not mine ✿ | started 06...
꧁༺ Huxiao༻꧂ by Xingqiuuuuuu
꧁༺ Huxiao༻꧂by Xingqiu
Hutao and Xiao didn't have a good start at all. The mischief Hutao caused and her countless pranks and taunts even led her to a spar with the yaksha. But when she ran aw...
Xiao x Aether One Shots by XshadowXdragunX
Xiao x Aether One Shotsby XshadowXdragunX
This is my first time writing a book so don't judge please. This book contains boy x boy mentions, if you don't like this please leave. Cover art is not mine!
Elements of Love II Albedo x Sucrose by emmacupcake94
Elements of Love II Albedo x emmmazzz
Albedo and Sucrose have worked together for years, him as the Chief Alchemist of the Knights of Favonius, and her as his assistant. Sure, Sucrose blushes whenever Albedo...
Lantern Rite With You. | XiaoLumi by kouclouds
Lantern Rite With You. | XiaoLumiby Kou
The nation of Liyue celebrates Lantern Rite in the name of its former heroes that once protected it from harm and brought prosperity to the harbor. When the Rite of Lant...
chasm ・ xiao ⋆.࿔* by oafthegreat
chasm ・ xiao ⋆.࿔*by oaf
Seven divine adepti remain after the Archon War. Two of them, the Conqueror of Demons and the Preserver of Silence, reside in Wangshu Inn under Morax's contract. Life is...
My Adeptus💚🖤 by DrippinValor
My Adeptus💚🖤by Valor
Warning, this story contains: light swearing, violence, and mild sexual themes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Zeile, the daughter of Verr Goldet and Huai'an, takes a liking to a ce...
His mortal || Xiao x Reader || by BLUE__CATTT
His mortal || Xiao x Reader ||by BLUE <3
Xiao has always been're the first in ages to get into his heart 🫶 First story <3
The Lanterns Are Stars - Xiaother One Shot by clearlynoturs
The Lanterns Are Stars - Clear
After Xiao saves Aether from another close call, he starts to wonder why he cares so much about him. When they go to see lanterns together, the truth comes to light.
Qingxin by mochiteacrackers
Qingxinby Mochi
Traveler and Paimon have come back from Inazuma to participate Liyue's annual festival, Lantern Rite. While they run errands, a solitary Yaksha watches their moves and m...
A creature from another world by Cosmicfox1
A creature from another worldby Cosmicfox1
WARNING Most of these characters WON'T be mine- however, some will. If you have played Genshin Impact you will know which are mine and which aren't. I may adapt their mo...
A taste of Change  by skyfycat
A taste of Change by Skyfycat
What if Xiao liked Chicken mushroom skewers rather than Almond tofu. A series based off of my friend being tired and giving me a prompt, and me being the way I am turned...
The incident at Wangshu inn by JennyxLollipop
The incident at Wangshu innby Ur mom
Xiao started licking Aethers hands. "Xiao.. W-what are yo-" Xiao interrupted him by putting his hand over Aethers mouth. "shh..." Xiao whispered in a...
Wangshu Inn, where I'm welcomed by Seikatsu_Myujirou
Wangshu Inn, where I'm welcomedby Koodjita
Inspired by the Twitter tweet of how everyone in Wangshu Inn thought Childe was a prince from a faraway land!) Also, Wei Xun is a random side character, so please don't...
𝑀𝓊𝓇𝒶𝓁 ~I'm back 🥱~ xiaoxfemreader by your__local_trashcan
𝑀𝓊𝓇𝒶𝓁 ~I'm back 🥱~ Sakurai
A wandering freelance artist from Fountaine who travels the world has received a letter from Wangshu Inn. She has been asked to paint a large mural there, one of the bea...
Xiao visit Lumine's teapot and finds some unexpected decorations
The Sky Tells Stories (Lumine x Reader (Any Gender) by sadie2929291
The Sky Tells Stories (Lumine x keqinggf
The stars are so beautiful ... Almost as gorgeous as Lumine.