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Fantasy | Takata Mashiho by tealtears_
Fantasy | Takata Mashihoby 𝐛𝐢𝐧𝐢𝐛𝐢𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐤.
[ soft series #3 ] Cho Minji gets annoyed with Mashiho because he always breaks the fantasies of young children. While mashiho unconsciously flirts with the girl he real...
find your treasure! || treasure one-shots by ALOHAJUN
find your treasure! || treasure loki
♫ ‹ whatever you want, whatever you need › ♫ -♛ treasure headcannons, imagines, one-shots, drabbles and timestamps ✓ requests are open (but may be late)
be with me | harukyu by flrtyasahi
be with me | harukyuby pixiedust
[ONGOING] what's the point of a relationship that is built on lies? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- a haruto x junkyu fanfi...
Different [RuJeongwoo GS] •END• by nenaUncukkk
Different [RuJeongwoo GS] •END•by nenaW
Jeongwoo, anak gadis yang telat puber dan jangan lupa, tingkahnya yang beda dengan anak gadis pada umumnya. Haruto, anak lelaki yang ketamvanannya tidak di filter-filt...
[✔️] TREASURE MEMES 1 by 17shuaesthetic
[✔️] TREASURE MEMES 1by egeutarateu
treasure hotline | TREASURE by PRINCEHAENAMI
treasure hotline | TREASUREby J ღ
💎 OPEN THE TREASURE BOX! 💎 Ha Yebin meets twelve boys on Treasure Hotline, all of them hoping to find their one true treasure with this dating platform. Who among the...
Neighbor | | Harukyu by kyupidkris
Neighbor | | Harukyuby K R I S
[COMPLETED] A Harukyu fiction where in Haruto falls for his hot but cute neighbor. Note: bxb story
Expected Unexpected  by Zen_O_Zen
Expected Unexpected by Zen_O_Zen
Idol တစ်ယောက်ဖြစ်လာဖို့ဆိုတာ လွယ်ကူတဲ့အရာမဟုတ်သလို Idol တစ်ယောက်နဲ့ ဖြစ်ဖို့ဆိုတာလည်း ခက်ခဲနေပြန်ပါပြီ Doctor Asahi လေးနဲ့ Idol Jaehyuk ဘယ်လိုတွေရိုမလဲဆိုတာ Jaesahi fan...
traitor by harueffectt
traitorby harueffectt
WATANABE HARUTO ❝now we are strangers again, but this time with memories.❞ start : 041420 end : -
anodyne by blingliketeume
anodyneby ✰
| it's been a while since I had your attention. | ENG | pairing : park jihoon & kim doyoung start : 20211106 end : 20211202 #1 in dohoon ♡ 감사합니다 ^-^
always by your side // yoshihwan by justjaehyuuuhk
always by your side // yoshihwanby kevin yoon
when a teacher named kanemoto yoshinori has a bad luck and got pick by his school to teach japanese in south korea. for him it was hard since he needs to learn korean la...
Jikjin (94% Match ⠀ 2020 ⠀ 1+ ⠀ 1 Book) All media used belongs to the respective owners
untamed magic | hajeongwoo. by treachure
untamed magic | 🛸
❝ before anything, you have to know that a) you're mine and b) i don't share what's mine. ❞ TREACHURE ⌇ 2O2O.
admirer by blingliketeume
admirerby ✰
| yedam was his angelic boy | ENG | pairing : bang yedam & watanabe haruto start : 10.08.20 end : 27.08.20 (short!story&chapters!) #1 in teumes ♡ #1 in cometome ♡ 감사합니다...
IDOL LOVER (Sinhala FF) by Ha_Jinu
IDOL LOVER (Sinhala FF)by 정woniie씨
This is ff story about a seonbae idol and a junior idol.. What'll happen to Park Jinwoo & Haruto Seonbae?.. let's find out.. I'm about to write this story in my language...
✔ 02:00 • jungwon by cloudvette
✔ 02:00 • jungwonby 𝘆𝗮𝘀𝘆𝗮
jungwon's english ff cloudvette || 2021 ❝ we're meant to be in the midnight of every two o'clock. ❞ start : 13.06.2021 ❪ 1100 ❫ end : 13.06.2021 ❪ 1330 ❫ status :...
coffee | bang yedam  by mylovejungwon
coffee | bang yedam by hyo!¡
where a boy gets coffee everyday, to get the worker's attention. short story started: 8.11.2020 completed: 18.12.2020 © mylovejungwon
anchor by blingliketeume
anchorby ✰
| hyunsuk hyung is my anchor - yoshinori | ENG | pairing : choi hyunsuk & kanemoto yoshinori start : 5.07.2020 end : 22.07.20 (short!story&chapters!) #1 in teumes ♡ 감사합...
yellow lights by sosilver_
yellow lightsby silver
| kim doyoung x so junghwan | you're my sunshine you're my rain cause all i see are yellow lights [cross-posted on ao3]