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RECTITUDE | Theseus Scamander by killiths
RECTITUDE | Theseus Scamanderby haia
❝Do you really think we give all of our customers surveys? 'Do you support Grindelwald? Check yes or no'?❞ Theseus Scamander fanfiction © killiths | 2021
Fools In Love| Theseus Scamander by mchitica31
Fools In Love| Theseus Scamanderby mchitica31
Aurora liana Dumbledore has always been friends with Newt and had a crush on Theseus even though he was a little older than her. When Newt was expelled she never thought...
SEALED LIPS ⟶ Theseus Scamander by kmbell92
SEALED LIPS ⟶ Theseus Scamanderby Kitty Bell
Three months after the infamous Gellert Grindelwald escapes during his transport to Azkaban, the Ministry of Magic finds themselves in yet another uproar, when a witch t...
Catch Me If I Fall by ninjasawakendmystar
Catch Me If I Fallby ninjasawakendmystar
Linda Black is a lot of things: A War hero. The oldest daughter of Phineas and Rowena. The childhood neighbour of the Scamander's. Theseus' partner in crime (stopping)...
Kaleidoscope || t. scamander by nutmeggu
Kaleidoscope || t. scamanderby Mae Gi
Grindelwald's wizard gathering had left Theseus Scamander still reeling from his fiancée's loss, which led him to take a few months off to get his sanity back. But when...
The Missing Piece ||°Theseus Scamander ° by Blaukopf21
The Missing Piece ||°Theseus Sophia
"You know your Mission" "I just don't belong here" "But I Love you..." " Don't...
Revolve{Fantastic Beast & Where To Find Them} by boujee_15
Revolve{Fantastic Beast & Where 🧍🏽‍♀️I’m just here
Based on the movie Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them Amara Black's life after Hogwarts was complicated, while still being heart broken by her first love , she finds...
LOYAL by O_Shasera
LOYALby Sara
In which a Delphine and the Scamander brothers turn the world on its head. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. [THESEUS X OC]
𝐂𝐋𝐎𝐒𝐄 𝐀𝐒 𝐒𝐓𝐑𝐀𝐍𝐆𝐄𝐑𝐒 , theseus scamander. by vettelology
i wish i was back home next to you. harry potter universe. theseus scamander x fem!oc. cog - sod. © vettelology...
Sleepless Nights [Theseus Scamander x Adriane Somni] by padishah_I
Sleepless Nights [Theseus JaJa
Ariadne Somni is a firm believer in destiny. Her life's purpose: destroying Grindelwald. She decides to join Dumbledore in his endavour, hoping it will quench her thirst...
Return to New York by EbonySolcum
Return to New Yorkby Ebony Solcum
Newt's travel ban was not in place until after his book was published and he was able to visit Tina in New York before then. They become close, very close, but then, whe...
Newtina Mini Storys by Oli_Bones_
Newtina Mini Storysby Ollie Belle
for your own mental health, plEase read the later chapters instead of the earlier ones 💀
The Wandmaker >> Newt Scamander by HalfBlood_of_the_Sea
The Wandmaker >> Newt Scamanderby Aria Malone
*Sequel to Echos* "Well it does seem you've got into quite the pickle this time, Newt," Myra laughed, "I just hope you're not going to tell me you haven't...
More than a Friend (A Newtina Fanfic) by ravenpower321
More than a Friend (A Newtina Bookwyrm
This book has been written after CoG, so there are SPOILERS. After Grindelwald's attack, Newt and Tina have been thrown into emotional turmoil and neither one knows what...
I Loved You Mr. Scamander by justawritter2902
I Loved You Mr. Scamanderby lovie 💙
(Y/N) had lost the loves of her life to the same person. She wasn't mad, she was just disappointed in herself. Why couldn't she be like her...?
Lovers (A Newtina Fanfic) by ravenpower321
Lovers (A Newtina Fanfic)by Bookwyrm
BE WARNED: If you have not read the previous book More Than a Friend do not read this! This is a sequel and you will not understand anything that is happening!!! This i...
Harry Potter One-Shots by carolinesbookworld
Harry Potter One-Shotsby Caroline
Reader-inserts for various HP characters. Includes Golden, Marauder, and Fantastic Beasts eras. Posted originally to my Tumblr (@carolinesbookworld & @starssayhello)
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Poppy Scamander by Eddieredmaynelover33
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Lillie
Newton Artemis Fido Scamander. Renowned magizoologist. Younger brother to Theseus Scamander. Famous war hero. But what if the brothers had another sibling. A sister. The...