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Crescendo: A Fantastic Beasts Newtina Fanfiction by Dappledleaf
Crescendo: A Fantastic Beasts Wind Strewn Rain
It's 1927 when Tina receives a letter from Newt informing her that he will be returning to New York. During his stay, the two learn how to identify their developing feel...
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《 Skip a Beat 》 by Cateye992
《 Skip a Beat 》by scamander_sister
When an unforeseen attack from Grindelwald leaves Newt fighting for life in hospital, his five companions struggle to cope with the fact that they could lose him forever...
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Of Days Lost by Newtina100
Of Days Lostby Elissa Kae
Tina stared through the narrow window, watching, watching as the wind blew the rain in small daggers, assaulting the thin pane with no signs of stopping. You've heard o...
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Birds of a Feather  by A_Quibbler
Birds of a Feather by A_Quibbler
It has been several months after the terrible incident in the Pere Lachaise and the horrible death of beloved Leta. Grindelwald is ready to terrorize the world, with his...
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Newtina (Newt and Tina) One Shots by fantasticrandomness
Newtina (Newt and Tina) One Shotsby fantasticrandomness
Just some One Shots of Newtina
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Fantastic Beasts 3 Theories and Predictions by Nosyniffler
Fantastic Beasts 3 Theories and Nosyniffler
This is a collection of predictions and theories that I have created two years early for the third installment for the Fantastic Beasts franchise. I've checked Fantastic...
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Newtina One-Shots by crenin_the_frenin
Newtina One-Shotsby Carolyn Joyce
Newtina one-shots: mostly fluff 🙃 [Note: these mostly take place after CoG in Paris or London]
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Just Human /English version/ by Katisfania
Just Human /English version/by Katisfania
It's 2040, technology dominates the world. Newt is an environmental activist. After a protest that went out of control, he gets targeted by dangerous people. To protect...
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Newt Returns to New York (Newtina Fanfiction) by accionewtina
Newt Returns to New York ( accionewtina
Newtina Fanfiction: Newt has come back to New York after a year in England, where he has finished his book and returned to see a certain person. But everything gets more...
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The Beginning of an Uncertain Future by PorpentinaScamander_
The Beginning of an Uncertain Porps
The letter arrived at breakfast on the Monday; the children were blissfully unaware of what it meant, of course, but their parents knew better upon seeing the official M...
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Lay Your Body Down, Rock Your Tears Away by PorpentinaScamander_
Lay Your Body Down, Rock Your Porps
It was a rare occasion when Tina sobbed; she had cried after the births of their children, of course, for those had been emotional moments, and occasionally she grew tea...
She's your giver; Newtina by Fangurl_700
She's your giver; Newtinaby Fangurl_700
Top Ranking: #2 in Newtina. Newt's back in New York for one reason and one reason only. Tina. There are ups, downs & love triangles galore. I mean, what's not to love ab...
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Rewriting the Stars by PorpentinaScamander_
Rewriting the Starsby Porps
("And what is your act, Mr Scamander?" Newt was speechless. "My...oh, erm...I don't have an act-" "Everyone's got an act," Tina said wryly...
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Most Definitely a Scamander by PorpentinaScamander_
Most Definitely a Scamanderby Porps
"I mean, you have freckles and...and my awfully untidy hair... I'm afraid you're most definitely a Scamander, whether you like it or not." (Or: Newt and Tina c...
A Most Wonderful Sight by PorpentinaScamander_
A Most Wonderful Sightby Porps
"It was so natural, he thought, seeing his wife feeding and holding their newborn child in her arms. Despite the fact she hadn't had a good night's sleep in the day...
Across Oceans by PorpentinaScamander_
Across Oceansby Porps
"Suddenly the idea of cramped living quarters and so many children being in the house didn't seem to bother her - not now that she had her sister again, not now tha...
A Glimpse of Sunlight by PorpentinaScamander_
A Glimpse of Sunlightby Porps
Her watch gave a beep and she turned around, preparing to see the dull grey liquid swirling in the glass as it always had and always would. The potion was a brilliant bl...
Newtina One Shots by MusicAuror7
Newtina One Shotsby •ɪsᴀʙᴇʟ•
Short cute fluffy one shots of Newt and Tina
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The Visit; A Newtina Fanfic by lone_shewolf_87
The Visit; A Newtina Fanficby Madison
It's finally summer, and Tina is dreading another boring summer stuck in her apartment and office. That is, until Newt invites her to spend the summer with his family. T...
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But You're My Home {A Fantastic Beasts Fanfiction} by edgymetalkid
But You're My Home {A Fantastic 🇺🇸ℒʏɴ🏳️‍🌈
Newt Scamander's been gone for a while. He left Tina Goldstein with a promise to deliver his book in person, and she misses him greatly. Then Tina receives word that the...
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