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BBS Ships (one shots) by Narwhal_is_Awesome
BBS Ships (one shots)by Narwhal™
I'll write one shots for youtuber ships (if I know them) *requests are open* ~none of the art is mine
Random Smut  by XxshavonnexX
Random Smut by XxshavonnexX
basically all the smut i thought of but just couldent make a full story out of veddie,billdip,H2Ovanoss,Minicat, Evan batjokes! all the smut i have to
Slave Boys And Gangster Guys <A BBS FANFIC> by KaytiKitty
Slave Boys And Gangster Guys by Catty Kayt B.
Craig, Brock, Marcel, Jon, and Lui were kidnapped or sold into human trafficking. Once being bought by a gang they are treated horribly and have given up all hope. But w...
Well Then... (H2OVanoss Fanfiction) by TouchDaNic_
Well Then... (H2OVanoss Fanfiction)by Why Don't We? <3
"So new kids huh?" I ask just to make sure "Mhmm" Nogla/David hummed "Yep, there they are." Ohm pointed to the entrance of the school &quo...
Selectively Mute | H20Vanoss by smol_inku
Selectively Mute | H20Vanossby Inky
Selective mutism is a severe anxiety disorder where a person is unable to speak in certain social situations, such as with classmates at school or to relatives they do n...
little did he know  by boiiiiiiimshook
little did he know by boiiiiiitslit
The bbs have been friends with the eachouther for quite a while and they have gotten to know a lot about eachother, (also moo, delirious, ohm and nogla, have not yet don...
YouTube One-Shots (Book 1) by faythyloo
YouTube One-Shots (Book 1)by Van
YouTube Ships in this One-Shot book: Septiplier H2OVanoss Terrornuckel Brohm OhmSnuckel Phan Vanoo Poly!BBS Vancat H2OBrOhmToonz DeliToonz H2OBryce OhmToonz DaithideVano...
Fake Feelings: Banana Bus Squad by AnotherRainbowSky
Fake Feelings: Banana Bus Squadby AnotherRainbowSky
Banana bus squad fanfic Ships include: Terrorsnuckle Minicat Daithidecalibre Ohmtoonz H2Ovanoss BasicallyIDoScotty Warnings Assault, weapons, fluffy content, mention...
BBS One Shots by Agressive_Baby_Slug
BBS One Shotsby ✌🖤🐸🥚🔥🌈🔥🥚🐸🖤✌
Song based one shots. Smut shots. Fluff One Shots. All with BBS Squad ships. Request are open. And as always, I hope ye enjoy! Also disclaimer: I don't own any song or p...
Vanoss Crew One-Shots! by MoonCheese-CAKE
Vanoss Crew One-Shots!by MoonCheese-CAKE
A collection of BBS smuts/lemons, & fluffs.
BBS, GBG & GOOP OneShots by Thrubbish
BBS, GBG & GOOP OneShotsby :))
hey this is just oneshots of gbg, bbs, and the click with eachother mostly based on requests this is pretty old, so its embarrassing when i see people reading this cause...
Fangs and Fur by Kotakatt
Fangs and Furby Katt
Jaren stood silently in the middle of his parents and his alpha. Tension was thick, and it showed no signs of letting up. Jarens parents fought, but It was no use, Jare...
group chat [banana bus squad] by criousgaymers
group chat [banana bus squad]by gone~
''if you wanna get with me, you gotta get through my friends first.'' [based off my other story, 'skype [zeroyalchaos]'] | © @criousgaymers | all rights reserved |
Fix The Mask by DarkMetalReaper
Fix The Maskby I didn't go to literature cla...
SEQUEL TO "BREAK THROUGH THE MASK" Jonathan idly watches by as his new friends seem to forget anything that happened during the first week of high school. But...
H2OVanoss: Through the Glass by Rynxina
H2OVanoss: Through the Glassby ☆🥀R҉y҉n҉a҉9҉0҉0҉🥀☆
He stared at me, as soon as he gripped tighter to me. He was angry. His face was covered yet his breathing was heavy. His first words to me were, "Don't you say a w...
Secrets by SSunSSet22
Secretsby ☀️Sunset☀️
H20vanoss Jonathan was a quiet kid, but also the most sarcastic. He was quiet in class, but sarcastic outside of class. He moved and went to a new high school in in the...
Terrorsnuckle: Adopting a brat by Evilwolfprincess11
Terrorsnuckle: Adopting a bratby I’m pretty great
This is a story about Brock and Brian getting married. Settling down and finally deciding to adopting a child. Guess who the child is? Vanoss! Drawing by Demonishdraws...
Your BBS/GBG Ships (Taking Requests) by TheScorched_Soldier
Your BBS/GBG Ships (Taking Request...by TheScorched_Soldier
Hey y'all! In this ship book, I will be doing any kind of ship- common ships, rare ships, Poly!BBS/GBG, 2p!BBS/GBG, ill even be doing x Readers. But, I also want you gu...
Riding Free (H20Vanoss) by DJRadioWolf
Riding Free (H20Vanoss)by DJRadioWolf
Evan has spare time from his big business to do horse breeding, and can make a small fortune from it. One day he met a hybrid named Jonathan who was in need of some kind...
BBS Oneshots by PsychoticDisorder
BBS Oneshotsby uwu bitch
basically all the basic oneshot couples some smut some fluff some SCL (star crossed Lover scenarios) I really don't know how many of these I wanna make but as long as I...