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The Vampire Master by KaytiKitty
The Vampire Masterby Catty Kayt B.
As a vampire Ohm needs blood to survive. But he doesn't like taking it from people, or hurting them at all. So as a suggestion by his creator he gets 'bloodbags'. Bloodb...
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Tongue Tied - OhmToonz AU by marieangell_
Tongue Tied - OhmToonz AUby ΩMarieΩ
Ah yes, your typical day. You enjoying your dinner in Chicago after doing absolutely nothing all day And then a group of demons kidnap you and then tell you that you ha...
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BBS highschool... (ships Ofc) by Ship-The-Ships
BBS highschool... (ships Ofc)by Obsessed
⚠⚠Warnings: Gay - cursing - heat - Possible smut - will make 0-10 sense(outta 50) ⚠⚠ Ships: OhmToonz, H2ovanoss, Terrornuckel, Minicat and mentions of DaithideLui/Daithi...
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*unknown*group chat by Small_Fic
*unknown*group chatby •ᴛʜᴀᴛ ʙᴏɪ•
•owl-boi has been added to the group chat• owl-boi: how come I never knew this existed? |Ranks| #1 in h2ovanoss (5/7/20) #6 in ohmtoonz (5/17/20)
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Cliche Love // OhmToonz by Fan_O_Hour
Cliche Love // OhmToonzby ▪️Owl ▪️
Like any cliche high school book there's a nobody nerd, this time know as Ryan, and there's a football player this time known as Luke. Will they both find love? Will th...
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Your Scars Are Beautiful (Ohmtoonz) by That_One_Pers0n
Your Scars Are Beautiful (Ohmtoonz)by That_One_Pers0n
Hello there! This is my first book, so it may turn out terrible. I plan to make a new chapter at least every 1-2 weeks, school is still a thing so- I accept critizism fo...
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Random BBS Comics I have :v by jhanyaiartist
Random BBS Comics I have :vby jhanyaiartist
Short comics I have made that doesn't have any cliffhangers :T
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I rather be human by mattyagami7
I rather be humanby matt yagami
delirious rather be seen as a human than a raccoon shapeshifter, so he hides his sent. his only shifter friend cartoonz knows of this. but what happens when someone c...
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Chatnow!  by I_AM_CHEESE
Chatnow! by Sasori is my danna
Introducing the brand new texting/calling app, Chatnow! It's made by losers for losers. Wanna make new friends? Great! This is the app for you. Would you like to make...
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BBS smuts/fluff! by MoonCheese-CAKE
BBS smuts/fluff!by MoonCheese-CAKE
A collection of BBS smuts/lemons, & fluffs.
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Sparrows -A Krii7y fanfiction by AnotherRainbowSky
Sparrows -A Krii7y fanfictionby AnotherRainbowSky
"I promise you I'm not crazy. I promise I don't belong in a mental facility. But for a second you have to believe me. I see things. No...not just any 'things', I se...
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ohmtoonz.~ smut [One Shots] by Wonder_writer1
ohmtoonz.~ smut [One Shots]by Wonder_writer1
I'm not trying to out Cartoonz or Ohm. I made this for shits and giggles and obvisouly entertainment. So I hope you enjoy :)
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BBS One Shots by Agressive_Baby_Slug
BBS One Shotsby ✨💫💛💫✨
Song based one shots. Smut shots. Fluff One Shots. All with BBS Squad ships. Request are open. And as always, I hope ye enjoy! Also disclaimer: I don't own any song or p...
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Red Nights and Lies- Ohmtoonz by Kingggjaay
Red Nights and Lies- Ohmtoonzby Jaay
Two men with secrets lying in the shadows of Los Santos, Luke or his nickname CaRtOoNz is apart of the most notorious gangs called the BBS. When he's not doing heists or...
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Fake Feelings: Banana Bus Squad by AnotherRainbowSky
Fake Feelings: Banana Bus Squadby AnotherRainbowSky
Banana bus squad fanfic Ships include: Terrorsnuckle Minicat Daithidecalibre Ohmtoonz H2Ovanoss BasicallyIDoScotty Warnings Assault, weapons, fluffy content, mention...
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My Mate by Melon_Crunch
My Mateby Matika Burns
Delirious decides it's finally time to meet the guys face to face. But what will happen when his casual holiday gets turned upside down? Will The crew accept him and a f...
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BBS One Shots (And Conspiracy Theories) by _lovelygbg
BBS One Shots (And Conspiracy Theo...by zee
BBS One Shots: Minicat H20vanoss Suniladd Krii7y Brohm Basicallyido407 Terrorladd Terrorsnuckel + More! {I do take requests ;))))))} if is chapter has a * it's an au...
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the fuck boy's roommate  by meme_queen1
the fuck boy's roommate by meme_queen1
Art work by @6Tysk4 go follow them they totally deserve it! college is something most kids look forward to...well jonathan isnt like most kids especially since he is tra...
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Immunity (H2OVanoss) by The_Shipper_Cheese
Immunity (H2OVanoss)by thirstyforh2o
"Hey, Del, did you hear that there's a new kid coming to school?" Cartoonz asked as he walked beside me. "To North Carolina, no way. Cartoonz, you must be...
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Real OHMTOONZ moments <3 by Fan_O_Hour
Real OHMTOONZ moments <3by ▪️Owl ▪️
Just watching Ohm's and Cartoonz's videos, I always find some cute OhmToonz moments I want to savour forever. UwU
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