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Adopted By Stony by HarrietSwan98
Adopted By Stonyby Harriet_Swan
A Little Two Year Old Girl wonders the streets of New York looking for a friend and one night she finds one. A Genius, Billionaire, Play boy, Philanthropist, Iron Man, y...
Spider-Man: Unmasked by ruesifee
Spider-Man: Unmaskedby ruesifee
Peter was adopted at a young age by Steve Rogers and Tony Stark, aka Captain America and Iron Man. Peter had been a normal kid - well, as normal as you can be when you...
Spider-Son by Phoenix_292000
Spider-Sonby Phoenix
Peter Parker. Just your ordinary orphan... well, as ordinary as someone could be when they have the powers of a spider. #1 in Superfamily (29/09/2018) #1 in Orphan (22/1...
Stony: A Change From Abuse by _Destined2Ship_
Stony: A Change From Abuseby _Destined2Ship_
Used to be titled: Stony: I submit & I dominate. Can Tony be a submissive after his rough past and an abusive master? Can Steve handle being his Dominant? Guess you'll h...
Silent Hero ✔️ by onedropstories
Silent Hero ✔️by tyler
Peter Parker's been through some tough shit in his fifteen year lifespan. From losing two sets of parents to getting kidnapped by HYDRA and landing himself in an orphana...
A SpidyPool Story  by darknesssings
A SpidyPool Story by Chio 👋🏼
"Dammit Deadpool! I told you to stop 'unaliving' my bad guys!" "Sorry baby, he was talking too much!"
We Got You by BlackShadow030930
We Got Youby Black Shadow
Avengers are "cleaning up" a HYDRA base when they find a young boy. It's crazy how all the avengers gets attached to the little boy in a matter of days. It wou...
Stony Oneshots by Killjoy413
Stony Oneshotsby Alexander
Just some Stony one shots.
Sinking Ship ~ Stony  by stealmycurlz
Sinking Ship ~ Stony by Loki ☯️
Tony is an emotional wreck and the reason why is about 6 feet tall, blue eyed, a superhero with a great body and is (almost) as stubborn as Tony is. Is Steve going to ab...
Peter Parker one-shots. by P3t3rP4rk00r
Peter Parker PeterPark00r
Just different stories of Peter Parker with the Avengers. A few ships like Stucky, Stony, Pepperony, Clintasha, and much more. NO STARKER! English is not my first lang...
Avengers Stony Our little surprise by IronMan2105
Avengers Stony Our little surpriseby IronMan2105
Jayden a three year old orphan, he parents murdered by HYDRA, constantly looking over her shoulder, But what happens when Jayden decided to steal some food from The Ave...
Whoops! Wrong Way by Heart_of_a_Raven
Whoops! Wrong Wayby Heart_of_a_Raven
Peter has been living at Avengers Tower for 2 years, known to the workers and Avengers as Peter Parker-Stark-Rogers. When his teacher announces that they're going on a...
Spiderling [Irondad||Adopted Story] by Foxlily_522
Spiderling [Irondad||Adopted Story]by Fox Lily
Peter Parker is a 3 year old boy at victim of Hydra's experiments. After SHIELD rescued him, they discovered the unnatural spider-like abilities the boy had. Not knowing...
Howard Stark Meets The Avengers  by SerlinaBlack
Howard Stark Meets The Avengers by Serlina Black
Howard time travels to the future, with little Tony and Maria Stark. the superheroes....... well read to find out ( Alternative title : When will Howard learn...... No...
Stony oneshots by ChrisIsThatAWeeed
Stony oneshotsby ChrisIsThatAWeeed
Some oneshots for ya cause I can't commit to a whole story Fluff, Angst, maybe some smut and probably some more angst :) *Reader discretion is advised* (I take no cred...
Avengers reacting to ships by tincanstark
Avengers reacting to shipsby s
Heyyya! this book is a reaction story of avengers reacting there fandom. POV: peter parker
❝︎ Tʜᴇ Aᴠᴇɴɢᴇʀs ᴀɴᴅ ᴀ Sᴘɪᴅᴇʀ❞︎   𝚅𝚎𝚛𝚜𝚒𝚘𝚗: 𝟸.𝟶 by GeekyWolf101
❝︎ Tʜᴇ Aᴠᴇɴɢᴇʀs ᴀɴᴅ ᴀ Sᴘɪᴅᴇʀ❞︎ � F A N D O M S
{The rewrite of The Avengers + Spider-Man} 𝚅𝚎𝚛𝚜𝚒𝚘𝚗: 𝟸.𝟶 [Stony] [Superfamily] Don't dis, just leave. The infamous Nicholas Joseph Fury, widely known as Nick Fur...
stony oneshots by stonysoulmate
stony oneshotsby marie🥺
heyy i felt like posting some oneshots <3 SEND REQUESTS
Love and Hate - Stony Highschool by tonyandpete
Love and Hate - Stony Highschoolby tonyandpete
"if he was your first love, let you be mine." ~ Tony Stark is totally done with high school. It was only Junior year and it seemed his life was falling apart...
Traitor  by Lovely_Snake1994
Traitor by Lovely_Snake1994
WINTERIRON//HAWKSILVER Tony is in a dying relationship with Steve, as much as he wants to hold onto their love, it's difficult to when Steve is always out in search of...