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Jurassic Park 3 (Billy x OC) by fallinghrd
Jurassic Park 3 (Billy x OC)by ♤♡◇♧
Being the only daughter of Dr Alan Grant has never been that bad, until Paul and Amanda Kirby decide to fly to Isla Norla and take Alan and his daughter Sophie along. Al...
secret obsession (Stu x Billy x oc by kazuichisoda8
secret obsession (Stu x Billy x ocby kazuichisoda8
Ryan has lived in the small town of woodsboro her entire life, however since she keeps to herself, noone except her mom and her teachers realize she exists. exactly how...
More than anything.     Billy Hargrove X Reader by kaseymorgan99
More than anything. Billy kasey morgan
Billy Hargrove was everything i lived for. We made so many great memories. i cant lose him. Not now, not ever. He's still in there. You dated Steve. then this kid? named...
Billy Hargrove imagines  by drabblequeennn
Billy Hargrove imagines by drabblequeennn
A collection of all of my Billy Hargrove works.
Cum On Feel The Noize by itsmay10
Cum On Feel The Noizeby Mae
Y/N isn't so quiet. Billy makes sure she is this time. Contains smut.
Fued//Book 2 by IggeeRoseBby
Fued//Book 2by ℑ𝔤𝔤𝔢𝔢 ℜ𝔬𝔰𝔢
Summer '85. Only a few months after the events of Will Byer's, Y/n's little brother, possession, Hawkins is bustling with activities. Y/n and Billy's relationship is goi...
Partners in crime (Billy x reader) scream by trash_for_beebo_
Partners in crime (Billy x reader) ✞ⒺⓋⒾⓁ ⓁⒺⓀⒶ✞
As a killer is on the loose, he manages to captivate you, as you both fall madly in love with each other in the middle of this bloodbath of a town you've turned it into...
The New kid ( Billy Hargrove x Reader ) Complete  by littlerussiaxo
The New kid ( Billy Hargrove x Ashley Nicole 🌱🖤
Your tutoring session gets a little steamy, but you find yourself torn about accepting Billy's invite.
Broken | Billy Hargrove X OC by RenAintNoSaint
Broken | Billy Hargrove X OCby Redneckery :)
Bro•ken ησυη 1 he's cracked beyond repair. look at the burnt out fire in his eyes, the flames dead, but the smoke is still alive, polluting the air wherever he goes. 2 b...
Cigarette Daydreams (Billy Hargrove x Reader) by flowerpowergay
Cigarette Daydreams (Billy flowerpowergay
Y/N and Billy grew up together side by side, from becoming best friends to falling in love to falling a part. Billy and Y/N know each other more than any person ever pos...
Ghost face x reader by lost_little_soul
Ghost face x readerby Araceli cruz
y/n was cheated on by her ex boyfriend with her best friend but what happens when billy loomis see's y/n throwing out her ex's things and wrecking his car
Steve Harrington/Billy Hargrove Imagines by Sk3tchb00k
Steve Harrington/Billy Hargrove Jelly Dink
Book of Imagines for Steve and Billy because I love them both. Check out my Will Byers story on A03 my name is Sk3tchB00k
She's the one, baby. (Billy Hargrove x Reader)  by drabbleshereandthere
She's the one, baby. (Billy drabbleshereandthere
This is a one shot, originally written on Tumblr. If you'd prefer to read it there, then my profile link is in my bio. Enjoy :)))
The Sun and His Cloud (Billy Hargrove x Reader)  by drabbleshereandthere
The Sun and His Cloud (Billy drabbleshereandthere
Soulmate AU Billy Hargrove x Reader one shot- upload from my Tumblr. :) Enjoy
The bad boy (billy x reader) by Billyhargrovelover
The bad boy (billy x reader)by Twilight_lover
Hey guys this is my first story! I hope you like it. I'll make more chapters as much as I can! Ok bye Xoxo
Stranger Things Drabbles + Imagines by drabbleshereandthere
Stranger Things Drabbles + Imaginesby drabbleshereandthere
Just a collection of the stranger things Drabbles and imagines from my tumblr :)
Hey, Litter Girl! (Billy Hargrove x Reader) by drabbleshereandthere
Hey, Litter Girl! (Billy drabbleshereandthere
Billy has to go to the library to pick up Max, and finds crumpled papers with no name on them. One just so happens to be partially open and he reads it. They're all your...
Ben Hardy [characters imagines] by ncvermore
Ben Hardy [characters imagines]by ncvermore
A collection of Ben Hardy's characters imagines. May contain : Billy, Warren, Roger
sympathy for the devil | billy hargrove x reader by icedhoneybun
sympathy for the devil | billy bella
"Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name. But what's puzzling you is the nature of my game." The day Billy Hargrove pulled into the Hawkins High School par...