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Spencer Reid Imagines (REQUESTS OPEN) by arylizabeth
Spencer Reid Imagines (REQUESTS OP...by Nova
Just a collection of cute and fluffy Spencer Reid stories. All imagines are gender-neutral so don't worry about that. If you want a gender specific imagine just message...
Spencer Reid - Criminal Minds Imagine/One-shots! {Requests: OPEN} by Queennerd-love
Spencer Reid - Criminal Minds Imag...by CJ
Imagines/Oneshot book for our favorite genius with an IQ of 187! Enjoy! (Updates will be regular but I do have two other currently running books!) REQUESTS: OPEN!!
Spencer Reid Fluff One Shots | S.R. by moonlight-jukebox
Spencer Reid Fluff One Shots | S.R.by moonlight-jukebox
A collection of all my fluffy fics that feature the Good Doctor
Spencer Reid Imagines by hlgarcia
Spencer Reid Imaginesby H. L. Garcia
A Collection of Spencer Reid Imagines
spencer reid / aaron hotchner oneshots  by reidslollipop
spencer reid / aaron hotchner ones...by em
basically a one shot book of imagines for spence and hotch 😁
Spencer Reid Imagines by only_for_a_minute
Spencer Reid Imaginesby only_for_a_minute
A collection of oneshots of our favourite profiler - Spencer Reid. Disclaimer : Spencer and all of the characters (except Y/n) don't belong to me. PLEASE DO NOT COPY OR...
The Aftermath | S.R. by moonlight-jukebox
The Aftermath | S.R.by moonlight-jukebox
After JJ's confession, everything is turned upside down. Reader will do anything to help the broken hearted Dr. Reid...or will they?
Spencer Reid One Shots  by gubessweaters
Spencer Reid One Shots by Stella
A book of one shots. I'll post these randomly when I'm not feeling in the mood to write whatever fanfic I'm writing at the time.
spencer reid imagines by ssweetascherrywinee
spencer reid imaginesby aether
a collection of works about our favorite boy genius :) {ongoing}
see?  | S.R. by moonlight-jukebox
see? | S.R.by moonlight-jukebox
Reader didn't anticipate falling in love with Spencer Reid, just like she didn't anticipate the series of events that happened after. What she has to do now is painful...
Journals (Spencer Reid x Reader) by avidreider187
Journals (Spencer Reid x Reader)by avidreider187
Spencer Reid x Y/N have been dating for a while, but what happens when a series of events that led from an innocent commitment get in the way of their relationship? Base...
Spencer Reid Imagines by reidandweep
Spencer Reid Imaginesby Hollie
Imagines focusing on the one and only Spencer Reid. These are also posted on my Tumblr.
To Hell and Back by generouslyuniquedyl
To Hell and Backby mae.
To Hell and Back Series: Summary: After kissing Spencer, Y/n tries to go back to work like nothing happened, much to Spencer's dismay, which results in a big confession...
Multi Fandom One Shots by Cocobrist
Multi Fandom One Shotsby Courtney Bristow
I've become addicted to peoples 'imagines', so I might start writing oneshots from these promts (or any people are intrested in leaving requests I will be more than happ...
crossfire. | spencer reid x reader by ethmax
crossfire. | spencer reid x readerby ⛓🧷🦎
[ spencer reid x reader ] -- "I don't think you're my unsub, I just think you've been caught in the crossfire for too long, I think you deserve for someone, for onc...
Spencer Reid Imagines by CreepyLilMonster
Spencer Reid Imaginesby Mrs. Jones
Requests are closed 😊 This imagine book will be about the precious cinnamon roll with eidetic memory and three PHD's known as Spencer Reid :) However, I will not take s...
The Price of Happiness  || Spencer Reid by glassesreid
The Price of Happiness || Spencer...by priyal
Money can't buy happiness. As a man of logic and science, Spencer Reid knows that. But when he strikes a deal with Y/N Y/L/N, one of his students, he starts to question...