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The Alpha Female by MayEsdot
The Alpha Femaleby MayEsdot
Nothing scares a wolf more than a hunter. Humans with weapons and bloodlust thick in their scent, they are born that way. All humans are bad news, all they want to do...
the story of Eclipse and Hyper Death by SamanthaDena
the story of Eclipse and Hyper snowshoe the dog
Two dogs that we're always by their side when they needed them but what happens when they stop being there for each other?(read to find out!)
Creative Snowy's story  by Glitchy44
Creative Snowy's story by Snowshoe
Creative was has been always happy, creative, and supportive by her love of imagination but was she always like this in the past? read to find out!
Ask Or Dare  Hyper Death by SamanthaDena
Ask Or Dare Hyper Deathby snowshoe the dog
Dare and ask Hyper Death the dog that is half Snowshoe but more calm and stronger in battle
save or die?(my oc's) by SamanthaDena
save or die?(my oc's)by snowshoe the dog
enjoy! choosing some of my oc's that should live or die
Snowshoe's yandere by SamanthaDena
Snowshoe's yandereby snowshoe the dog
Your a person that fell in love with a girl named Snowshoe and, the more you think about her the more you kill people
my drawings(art Book) by Snowy467
my drawings(art Book)by Snow cutie
enjoy looking at my art book and hope you like it.
my oc's sing  by SamanthaDena
my oc's sing by snowshoe the dog
I don't own any of the music that my oc sings!!!!
corrupted Snowshoe x reader by SamanthaDena
corrupted Snowshoe x readerby snowshoe the dog
you we're home alone wishing to have someone by you're side but that all changes when she came around.
animation book by Glitchy44
animation bookby Snowshoe
This is where I do my little animations on flipaclip
Snowshoe's stories by SamanthaDena
Snowshoe's storiesby snowshoe the dog
Snowshoe talks about her stories that she experience once or twice
Glitchy's story by Snowy467
Glitchy's storyby Snow cutie
this is the story about a dog named Glitchy. If you want to know more about her, read to find out!
cooking with Glitchy by SamanthaDena
cooking with Glitchyby snowshoe the dog
Glitchy: enjoy my cooking skills while we use one of my test subjects* does a evil grin* (warning if you get scared of this don't read this! Please if you are an innocen...
Refuge: excerpt from Troll and Trylleri by joyceholt
Refuge: excerpt from Troll and Joyce Holt
Jorunn (age 15) and Oddleif (age 12) are already spooked by the claw-tipped tracks of trolls in the snow. Midwinter, near dusk, not the best time to be snowshoeing throu...
Two Souls by SamanthaDena
Two Soulsby snowshoe the dog
Snowshoe had a soul but never knew that she was attach with a other....
Soda Life by SamanthaDena
Soda Lifeby snowshoe the dog
Join the soda life of the au Snowshoes