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Because Of You  by Heartcore_preeran
Because Of You by Minnie ki Preeran
Based on Kundali Bhagya This track starts from Holi 2020... Cover by me Work : 15 July 2021 - Ongoing 😇
Crazy For You✔ by Doraemon_creations
Crazy For You✔by LiveItYourWay
A rebel girl and sensible boy. Peep in to know more about their journey.
Forever Yours  by Mayaimaginations10
Forever Yours by crazyfangirl
Preeta and Karan were known as the best of best friend. Everybody knew- even their families- how important they were to each other. But what had happened that they got s...
GAME OF DESTINY ♥️ by RichieRishna
GAME OF DESTINY ♥️by Richie Rishna
Continuation from Karan's & Monisha's wedding in which Preeta comes & sits with Karan under veil. ⭐What if Preeran get Married! ⭐What if Rishabh loves Sherlyn! ⭐What if...
Preeran: Will They Unite.    by reader_sr_04114
Preeran: Will They Unite. by SR
Will karan realize his love for preeta Will preeta forgive Karan A story full of drama and jealousy. Peep in to know more
Now & Forever |✔️ by PreeranCharms
Now & Forever |✔️by Tanya 🦋
C O M P L E T E D !! Current track 💫
You Are The One  by KhushixPreeran
You Are The One by Khushi
Based on Karan - Mahira engagement track where Karan met with an accident. 😍 Will Karan remember his bad and hurtful deeds? Will Preeta be able to forgive Karan? Will...
Preeran SS : Zindagi ek Safar (completed) by ashpat3
Preeran SS : Zindagi ek Safar ( ashpat3
The plot is based on current track of story where Sherlyn gets married to Rishab and is able to capture their property. What will happen to Luthras? Will they be able to...
Preeran - Naya Safar❤️❤️ by Preeran_writinzzz
Preeran - Naya Safar❤️❤️by Priyanshi Srivastava
"Karma.... A small word with just 5 Letters.... But has the deepest meaning... Sunne mein ye shabd bhale hi bahut chota ho... Par impact bahut bada chod ke jaata ha...
Written in the stars✔ by Doraemon_creations
Written in the stars✔by LiveItYourWay
Completed ff. Concept: What if Monisha and Karan got married?
Inteha Mohabbat Ki by thatsunflowerwrites
Inteha Mohabbat Kiby 🦋
*Completed* Story revolves around five young couples whose journey will be traced in this web of passion, revenge, love and hatred. Star crossed lovers will go through c...
Preeran Forever by ruhiii2201
Preeran Foreverby Ruhi❤
Current track continued....
Breeze✔ by Doraemon_creations
Breeze✔by LiveItYourWay
Show track continuation when Mehul tries to molest Preeta. Gratitude for loving it so much
Preeran Ss - United Again  by JanviMann
Preeran Ss - United Again by Janvi Mann
It will start from Sonakshi track where Preeta will took a stand for herself and will left Luthra house after knowing the past truth. It's a Preeran centric story .
Preeran-love story by Dollly2003
Preeran-love storyby Dolly
The story starts from the bachlor party... Sarla sees sherlyn getting married to someone.... Peep in to know more...
Marrying To My Ex Boyfriend by moodyArmish
Marrying To My Ex Boyfriendby whatever
Just an arrange marriage sequel... No villian Story Peep In to know More... ☺️✌🏻
Preeran: JOURNEY FROM BEING NOTHING TO EVERYTHING.... by Preeran_writinzzz
Preeran: JOURNEY FROM BEING Priyanshi Srivastava
Life was going on... I was living it for the sake of living... The instant u arrived... I got the reason to live... Never knew what a real family is... Till the instant...
Mine Forever✔ by Doraemon_creations
Mine Forever✔by LiveItYourWay
Karan(huskily) : Be Mine Forever.. Preeta looked at him. Both share an eyelock.
Preeran FF :Destined love (completed) by ashpat3
Preeran FF :Destined love ( ashpat3
The plot focuses on current track of Monisha and Karan's marriage alliance. A new character name Radhika enters the plot as Rishab's college friend. She will very simila...
 Ishq ♥️ ~ ( On Hold )  by Dheeshra_love
Ishq ♥️ ~ ( On Hold ) by Preeran
It is continuation from where Kareena throws preeta out of her house when karan and Preeta were unable to prove sherlyn 's pregnancy. Will preeta forgive Luthra family? ...