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LIFE I CHOOSE by Lenore22
LIFE I CHOOSEby Lenore22
After being chased out his life, Preeta decides to go ahead with a schorlaship she got from Hopkins University with an opportunity to work while studying. It was someth...
Preeran FF :Tu Chahiye by Itskhushi2409
Preeran FF :Tu Chahiyeby Khushi Chugh
Jealousy sparks love! Friends become our chosen family! ❤ Cover: The best- @kritss_preeran
Badtameez Dil (Completed) by RicharahejaR
Badtameez Dil (Completed)by Tootta Tara
A Story of A Playboy And A Simple Girl
Love You Till Eternity ✔ by KhushixPreeran
Love You Till Eternity ✔by Khushi
Based on Karwachauth Track 2020 where Karan finds out that Preeta kept fast for him last year. 😍 Will Preeta be able to clear the misunderstandings? Will Karan will get...
The Musical Love by Uniquee_sona
The Musical Loveby Unique_me
Karan Luthra : Singing Street Artist. He's from a middle class family, kind, humble and soft nature. Preeta Arora : MSc. Forensic 1st year. Loves music. Is an orphan, ch...
You Are The One  by KhushixPreeran
You Are The One by Khushi
Based on Karan - Mahira engagement track where Karan met with an accident. 😍 Will Karan remember his bad and hurtful deeds? Will Preeta be able to forgive Karan? Will...
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Bewajah  by preeranxinfinity
Bewajah by Preeran ♥️
What will happen when two completely opposite people fall for each other. What will happen when their past, steps into their present and destroys their future. How will...
love has its way by preeranmalife
love has its wayby preeranmalife
Karan:tumara naam kya? Preeta:Preeta Karan:hmm Then karan left from there like a wind preeta was shocked by his act. She also left down stairs to find him gone from ther...
Is it Fake Love??  by Preeranfan55555
Is it Fake Love?? by Preeranfan55555
this story is from pihu kidnapping track ... let's seeee😎
Kinna pyaar🥺🖤 by preeran_oxo
Kinna pyaar🥺🖤by I stan SA🖤
Preeran first marriage track continuation !!
Regret Ft. Preeran by YourWriterVishi
Regret Ft. Preeranby Vishista
What if after preeran's first marriage Preeran consumated their marriage and then same betrayal... and preeta left mumbai. Tune in to find out what happens when on the...
Fated To Be His by authorzysha
Fated To Be Hisby Zysha
Story revolves around two young couples whose journey will be traced in this web of passion, revenge, betrayal, obsession hatred and love too. Star crossed lovers will g...
Preeran:Humdard✔️ by HibaHusain
Preeran:Humdard✔️by Hiba Husain
All was going well... Then what happened? Why did Preeta and Shrishti leave Mumbai? The story starts after Prithvi and Sherlyn's truth unfolds. This story is about Karan...
THE GIRL HE NEVER NOTICED! by ridzcreationxx
THE GIRL HE NEVER NOTICED!by ridzcreationxx
have you ever fallen in love with someone's thoughts..? their perspective of seeing life and relations..? someone here in this story did!. he fallen in love with her so...
Biwi No. 1 by fanfiction_dhoopi
Biwi No. 1by Akshu
So here's my new story #BiwiNo1 yes she is Biwi no. 1 of our Biwa no. 1😂....this Biwa Biwi will stole your heart hopefully 🤞. Rankings: #1 on sarya #1 on dheeshra #1 o...
Preeran OS/TS Collection  by KhushixPreeran
Preeran OS/TS Collection by Khushi
OS/ TS based on Kundali Bhagya tracks and others ❤ Peep inside to read ✌ _______________________________________________________ Highest Rankings - #1 - Pkl #1 - Ts #1...
Fear Of LOVE : Trust Issues by revatisc12345
Fear Of LOVE : Trust Issuesby revatisc12345
◆He wants revenge but he loves her .... ◆She want his love but with trust .... ◆Is just pure friendship is not enough to trust each other? ◆One misunderstanding and one...
Twilight  by crazys_writing_
Twilight by Naaz
Isn't Twilight sky a beautiful view ? . . When two different colours of nature merge and there comes a blissful colour out of it ! . . And here when we connect it with L...
Arrange Marriage  by KhushixPreeran
Arrange Marriage by Khushi
Karan and Preeta are bind together by an arranged marriage. Will they fall in love by understanding and trusting each other? Simple rom - com story based on Preeran. N...
Love takes time  by PreeranWorld
Love takes time by Dheeshra Forever🖤
Your incompleteness brokes me too 💔.. A broken soul and A bubbly dreamer ♥️ _________________________________________ Some People say ' love attracts two equal peoples...