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LOVE TO HATE YOU. by AnkitaPatnaik22
LOVE TO HATE Ankita Pattanaik
"Strip" he said in his cold voice, forcing me to gasp in utter shock. looking at my miserable state,a slight smirk appeared on his lips, like he is enjoying...
Closed Doors and a Guitar Pick - Sen Cal Kapimi by Dhoopa2017
Closed Doors and a Guitar Pick - Dhoopa
This is a series of stories about Eda and Serkan, the protagonists of Sen Cal Kapimi. The story line follows that SCK story and adds my interpretations or subplots. Thes...
Chihiro's Return by MyPina
Chihiro's Returnby MyPina
its in the title. this story is no mine, all rights to the original author CielNaiRicchan on
Dawn by wrthd21
Dawnby wrthd21
When given a chance for a do-over, Serkan tries to do right by Eda and their daughter. A series of one-shots serving a good dose of second-chance trope.
Instagram - EdSer by handebvrsin
Instagram - EdSerby Cem’s Stories
an Instagram story how famous architect Serkan Bolat met the beautiful Eda Yıldız.
The devil that follows{chihrio x fem!reader} by 911eddievr
The devil that follows{chihrio x aMaskedRat
🍃started:10/2/22🍃 🍃finished:???🍃 you are are hakus twin and work with him at the bath house. You were always known as 'the devil who follows' due to people that hav...
PEHLA PYAAR [ On - Hold ] by its_me_anudrdz
PEHLA PYAAR [ On - Hold ]by
so guys i will start this ff after aman kicks roshni out of the house.
I'll live for you by lexiDrag
I'll live for youby lexiDrag
shisui x oc what if Shisui didn't commit suicide for one reason, she asked him not to. what if itachi killed everyone like promised to danzo Except him and his siblings...
 [ ONE-SHOT] Cậu là Crush của tớ by MyVanngoc
[ ONE-SHOT] Cậu là Crush của tớby My Vanngoc
Truyện kể về 1 người con gái yêu thầm cậu bạn thân nhưng cô ko đủ can đảm để nói ra. Yêu thầm ko khó cũng ko dễ, rất khó giải thích chỉ có người từng yêu thầm hay đang y...
ETO'S HUMAN PET (ETO X OC) Tokyo Ghoul by OkraTheSinOfWriting
ETO'S HUMAN PET (ETO X OC) Tokyo OkraTheSinOfWriting
hey guys here's my second Eto story pls support and leave a comment enjoy !
Zaginiona siostra by VictoriaBrozek
Zaginiona siostraby Victoria Brozek
To opowieść o siostrze Percy'ego Jacksona. Czy dziewczyna zdola poradzić w dwóch nowych światach? Komu dziewczyna powieży smutną tajemnice z dziecinnstwa? Kto będzi...
The Lover of the Owl by __F-i-L__
The Lover of the Owlby F—il
This is a short story where Eto Yoshimura finally finds true love. Her special someone is named Jin-ichi Kanemoto. ((Anime-Base: Tokyo Ghoul -Characters: Eto Yoshimura))
Indie Horror RPG Maker Games (one shots) [C L O S E D] by Shione_Irisu
Indie Horror RPG Maker Games ( Shione Irisu
~¤~ REQUESTS are currently CLOSED! ~¤~ ▪ Ib ▪ Mad Father ▪ The Witch's House ▪ Misao ▪ Mermaid Swamp ▪ Forest of Drizzling Rain ▪ Paranormal Syndrome ▪ Shiro no Noroi ▪...
Love at first sight by elabursin
Love at first sightby elabursin
After an encounter many years ago in NYC, Kerem and Hande think they will never see eachother again. And they don't. Until march 2020 comes over ... THIS STORY IS PURELY...
[EDITING] Kẹo sữa nhỏ by _Tieuthiensu_
[EDITING] Kẹo sữa nhỏby ♪ Tiểu thiên sứ ♪
Tên gốc: Tiểu Nãi Đường 小奶糖. Tác giả: Đại Giác Tiên Sinh 大角先生 (Mã Lộc Quân 马鹿君). Nguồn QT+RAW: - - - Editor: Rung. Bìa: S...
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A night with the stars by Danytrixx
A night with the starsby Danytrixx
Set after the team comes back from Antalya to Istanbul. Serkan faces the consequences of the contract filtration as he tries to understand why he feels dragged towards E...
Kauza Povídka by RonniLa
Kauza Povídkaby
Pojďte se mnou projít Temnou uličkou, přežít rodinnou poradu a rozhodnout o rozsudku! V jednorázových povídkách, které jsou psány na různá témata a různými styly, nebud...
Slow Dancing in a Burning Room by ThatWeirdoBehind
Slow Dancing in a Burning Roomby ThatWeirdoBehind
My take on Eda and Serkan's emotions and thoughts during their dance at Pırıl's birthday party (episode 16).
Creepypsta: Sen olsan ne yapardın?  by rembaby
Creepypsta: Sen olsan ne yapardın? by Rem
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