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The Love I Leave Behind by rebeccalight90
The Love I Leave Behindby rebeccalight90
Set after episode 29.... Eda makes a decision You may not copy, reproduce, or share my plotlines without my consent. Thank you.
Say You'll Remember Me by edaaaa85
Say You'll Remember Meby Eda🦋
COMPLETE. AU of Serkan coming back with memory loss, hurting Eda and Engin setting Serkan straight and what comes next. Story and chapter titles from Taylor Swift songs.
See me with your heart,not with your eyes by 22Marka
See me with your heart,not with 22Marka
It has been more than 2 months since her love has disappeared in the sky just like a star. It has been more than 2 months since Eda felt her heart to be ripped out of he...
Stories To Tell - EdSer Oneshots by Aimzvibez
Stories To Tell - EdSer Oneshotsby Aimzvibez
A series of One-shots about Eda and Serkan because they're all I think about.
A Happy Ending by ExquisiteFeet
A Happy Endingby ExquisiteFeet
A series of one shots, finding a way that Eda and Serkan could have come together in every episode.
Locked in the memory by DreamItDoIt14
Locked in the memoryby DreamItDoIt14
Hayat had fled Istanbul when her grandfather, Hasmat dada decided to take her back to her village and marry her off. Murat, the love of her life did not want anything to...
A Dream of Little Robots and Fairies by SLynx19
A Dream of Little Robots and Sarah Lynx
What happens when a few symptoms and a lot of misunderstandings lead to Eda and Serkan discovering that they are going to become parents? - What would happen if Eda real...
Broken Without You - EdSer One-Shot AU by Tzatanna_
Broken Without You - EdSer Tzatanna_
COMPLETE - In this AU the story takes place 6 months after episode 29 and Eda had decided to move to London immediately following Serkan and Seline's engagement to get a...
Burn for you - Sen Cal kapimi by sencalkapimi12
Burn for you - Sen Cal kapimiby sencalkapimi12
based on the show Sen Cal kapımı, I'm a huge fan. The story will continue from after episode 29
THE RIGHT PATH (EDSER) by erkenci_kus_aus
THE RIGHT PATH (EDSER)by erkenci_kus_aus
my Imagination of how Serkan gets his memory back and the after of it, since the episode ruined it for me I just wrote what I felt would've happened.
I'm hero by queennexx
I'm heroby E
Am I a father? Am I ready for that? I have a daughter? Did I deserve her? Why does life play with me? I don't rise to the light, I sink into the dark. Or maybe I will fi...
       UNWANTED DESTINY (edser AU) COMPLETED by ummaminah
UNWANTED DESTINY (edser AU) ummaminah
It's an edser AU.... Just some ideas merged with original SerkanBolat and EdaYıldız story style. Hope you enjoy it.
Broken But Fighting by Bluedovewings
Broken But Fightingby Angel
Eda overhears a conversation between the snake twins, Deniz and Selin. This is how she sets them up.
One Last Game by aeriko_
One Last Gameby aeriko_
Serkan finds out the truth. This is what happens after. ----------------------------------------------------------- Important: The characters belong to their respective...
Eda & Serkan OneShots - Sen Çal Kapımı  by simplyrahma
Eda & Serkan OneShots - Sen Çal Rahma
A series of one shots of my favorite couple, EdSer.
Paris Attachment♡ by lanasckstan
Paris Attachment♡by lanasckstan
~~~♡ paris attachment eda yildirm a young woman who was born in the most famous and richest family in istanbul. a young fashion designer that moved to paris to imp...
Remember Me by GoldYildiz
Remember Meby Gold Y
Fan fiction. Characters based on the turkish hit series Sen Cal Kapimi. A different take on EdSer.. Eda a coffee shop owner with child longing for love and affection f...
In Love With Serkan Bolat (Edser one shots) by ursyabeliever
In Love With Serkan Bolat (Edser ursyabeliever
Here are my mostly one-shot stories. These are the stories that came to my mind, and I write them for fun. All stories are about Edser.
The First Time by AstridEllen
The First Timeby AstridE
A story using main characters from Sen Çal Kapimi. The story starts with Eda and Serkan 18 years old and the start of adult hood. What happens when 2 people meet and fal...
A Match Made In Heaven by lotssofthoughts
A Match Made In Heavenby lotsofthoughts
A series of one-shots fanfiction about Kerem Bursin and Hande Erçel for Hanker fans :)